Monday, 12 June 2017

A Lie is a Lie is a Lie

Liar! That can be the worst insult one can face. Why does a person lie? What is the meaning of Lie?
When you hide that a lie? When you tell another version of the that a lie? When you fear the outcome and hence twist the that a lie?

Fact when not presented as is ...that is a lie. One should not worry about the consquence of speaking truth.

I read somewhere that truth is like a surgery..takes a while...hurts...but heals. Lie is like a temporary medication...offers relief immediately but does not heal. In that comparison at times it is required to offer immediate solace. You need time to plan cannot happen there n then. And hence temporary relief to allow you to plan the surgery. How logical is this thought process? What it may cost you defines that I guess. The ideal option would be to take remedial action and work towards permanent healing. But what if your intensions are not understood and you are announced a lier for making away with temporary relief? And then saying I was planning for a surgery eventually may sound like another bigger lie.

Never gave this a thought...

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