Sunday, 2 August 2015

Goan Connection

You must have heard about the Goan connection and specially how happy they feel upon seeing each other or even when you hear Konkani distantly. Inadvertently you walk upon to that person with this broad smile and a question...tumi goychi? :)

In our society there is a lady who has been married into Goan family....the ancestral roots are in Goa. For specific reasons, I and she have not had cordial relation. One day I was super upset with the behavior she had put up and came back home almost grumbling about it. Baba was in Pune then and when he heard the reason and entire context of my interaction with her...he asked me....Goiche bare aame aasa....haav falya wharun tika diu? Khusshi jaatli!!

It is a different note that Baba always like to give. . but this thought of his must have originated from the Goan connection. He suggestion must have been to salvage the issues with tumi goychi...aami bi concept :)

Wish issues settled on such simple exchanges and connections!!

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