Sunday, 14 June 2015


I had two incidences happening in last month that was lot of learning for me...1) Sanam having a fractured collar bone and 2) My parents stay with me.

So much excitement and happening, pulsating that I do not wish to write here all that happened. It will turn into a novel :) But incidences that happened, conversations I had and heard..there was so much realization.

Few quick things I wish to list...

1) Always keep a portable light or huge torch in your car
2) Keep rope to pull vehical in emergency
3) Have maximum utility numbers saved on never know what can come handy!
4) You will know who is ur abso near and dear one in emergencies :)
5) Know that there are some people who may not front ending but quietly offering you support that you may otherwise miss
6) Train yourself on emergency like learn First Aid basics, learn to change a punctured tyre
7) Learn to know your car as you would know your family member

As for more...I will put in up coming posts...

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