Monday, 6 April 2015

Old age n hopes

At times I feel the hopes an old person has is as fragile as them!
I had mentioned abt my father's 80th bday to this lady who is around 70-73 yrs. The other day she asked me how was the bday. I said it was nice n smiled. She asked..ull celebrated out or called all at home? She was eagerly looking at me waiting for the answer. I said Aunty it was at home and with us children only. We cudnt invite all as exams were on for most of the children in the family. Like a kid she said...oh yes..u can do it in vacation..isn't it? ☺
She seemed more excited. I said yes...We can. Then with broaden smile she asked...wat kind of cake ull got? There are unique cakes available now. Oh..He has diabetes is it?  Not allowed sweet ?
Now my curiosity was peaking n I was reading her face...With a smile I cudnt hold back. So I decided to tell her how the bday was..n like a small kid with bright smile she listened attentively.
I thought I will show her the special edition of newspaper we did for my father as his surprise bday gift.
And then my thought stopped. This lady may have been thinking of a small similar bday of her own arranged by her children. Not sure if they wud do it...but did she hoped for one?
Would me showing her the newspaper v made for my dad...put her into deep thought hoping her children shud do something similar for her? Wud it pain her than delight?
How fragile she seemed n more than that the hopes..thoughts..wishes she had?
Shud i be showing her the newspaper?

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  1. Over a few years I have come to realise is that - the best gift one can give to another person is His or Her Time. All material things can be bought - more or less - but you just cannot buy someone else's time. The thought that some one feels you important enough to think about you is so gratifying.
    Older you get - your need for slight show of love and appreciation increases. Law of Nature.
    But what goes in comes around back - so take care.


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