Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Humbleness at its best!

This is about a person known or yet unknown to me personally. Kumar is a cab owner. Has few taxis that he gives for rental. He is the vendor of the company v work in. We normally use his services for Mumbai office or airport transfers. He is very prompt in his services and we have been interacting on phone with him for 2 yrs.
One day when we had booked the cab with him the scheduled driver was not available. So he himself came with the cab and drove us to Mumbai n back. He did not say a word about who he is. That he owns the agency. We assumed him to b one of the drivers. On one occasion when he came home to collect money...We realised that he was the owner. Very humbly he said...If my driver is on leave I take the customer myself. I fill in for duty. Hearing that I was so happy to know a professional like him.
But there is more in store. When recently we contacted him and his phone was not reachable..We got in touch with next in charge at this agency. He informed us that Kumar was on leave for a month as he was visiting his children.
His Son is double Ph.d in US and his daughter is also in US and is a doctor. He was in US for a month long vacation.
He sent an email from there saying he is away and that Dhananjya will b the touch point in his absence.
I m so impressed with the professional attitude and more over the humbleness.
Truly respect him!

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  1. I very much connect to your story. Madhavi - when one is in business one has to be prepared for all eventualities. No matter what your qualifications and your post is you have to step in to fill the gaping holes - or else be ready to loose business and your credit you have build over the years.
    I have one very interesting story to share - Years back one young Architect who passed out as an Architect came to Mumbai for internship. He secured himself a job at one of the leading firms of Mumbai. The Chief Architect was of a very high calibre whom we all in our fraternity looked up to. In our profession there is one very mundane job - when our plans get approved by the Municipality we are supposed to submit around 8 sets of the proposed drawings which are pencil coloured. Since getting approvals is a vey very big thing - and very crucial for the developer - this part is generally much under time constraints. Most of the times the peons of the office do the printing and colouring part - but when there is immense time constraint - one or two junior staff members are pulled in to do the colouring. Now this boy was new - he probably was not aware of the work conditions, being a junior he was called to do the colouring - he felt it below his dignity to do this job and refused saying - No I am an Architect. When the news reached the Chief Architect - he said fine - he himself went to the studio and without a word sat amongst the peons and began colouring.
    The incident was so humbling.
    When you are in a job and more so in a Govt organisation you can afford to say no. Talking about humility - there is no trace of it in most of the persons in Govt organisations. Last week I pulled out my account from State Bank - just because of the arrogant attitude of the staff over there. People really need to understand that they are there to do the work and are being paid for doing just that.


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