Monday, 6 April 2015

Choices people make

Choices people make say a lot about them. Others judge them for these choices. Seldom anyone gives a thought to understand the reasoning behind the choice. At times there is nothing more than the beliefs he/she holds. Some do take that effort to think why someone made that choice..but only to ridicule. He or she must have done that to benefit himself/herself.  They believe there must be some selfish motive...hidden agenda behind every choice a person makes. That speaks of an individual thinking capacity (or limitations I can say) more than anything else ☺
When some individuals choices do not impact your day to day life....or rather does not deal with you in anyway...why should one retaliate so much? What right do you exercise in condemning another human being?
The concept of "Live and Let Live" is diminishing under the so called democracy of freedom of speech!
Hope better sense prevail.

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  1. So true . People nowdays r more interested in comenting more on others life .No one thinks about the reasons behind taking a decision . I feel strongly when u dont understand the thinking behind any decision taken stop commenting .Just for ur time pass dont hurt others feelings.No need to justify ur reasons always on every decision taken in life. LIVE AND LET LIVE


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