Monday, 6 April 2015

Celebrity syndrome

Before I pen my thoughts let me openly say that I m not smitten by any celebrity. I am not a crazy fan that blindly follows their fav celebrities. ..specially from films. So this post is NOT in favor of any celebrity in particular.
During the recent video controversy Deepika Padukone was accused on many fronts. Claims were made that she has done the vogue video for publicity stunt for her upcoming movie! Really???
That she is cheap for miming words written by some lyricist. That she is public figure and she cannot be talking of sex and women's choices. That as public person she has moral responsibilities and cannot do video where her hair are blowing n bra strap seen..and what not!
Let us pause. So a celebrity or public figures cannot say like this....and a commoner can?? If an ordinary person like you and me talk about sex ( read as gossip women issues) that is acceptable? Is celebrity not a woman? Is she not like any of us with opinions? Are her blood cells any different from ordinary standard people like us? They claim Celebrity influence generations itseems and you think common don't influence youngsters? ?
Celebrity doing such video  is degraded and commoners like you and me using social media like FB, twitter, blogspot is elegant? Disgracing anyone is not graceful as per me.
Every individual has a choice..has an opinion. You like it...accept it. You don't like it..ignore and move on.
I like to take positives from things that I come across. From the vogue video I choose to rest this topic. It is MY CHOICE 😉

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  1. Madhavi I know you disagree with my stand and many of those like me. Yes may be I am a decade ahead of your generation and am slightly more conservative in my thoughts than probably Deepika's generation.
    Live and let live - I agree completely. But Madhavi this principle cannot be applicable at all levels. What this celebrity / common person does in his or her personal life may not be of much consequence - may not be worth commenting on - who cares if she is sleeping with her co-star or xyz, But like it or not - she is today in a position to influence hordes of youngsters - Just like her dressing - is copied - so will her statements. Look she has said what she has - only for making a video - for which she has been paid for - and as a part of her film promotional programme. She may not even be believing in what she said - or else she wouldn't have made a statement earlier that she broke up with Ranbir as she found that he was having a relationship outside their relation.
    But the point is that when you make a statement like these - you are misleading a mass. If the same video had been prepared by Rakhi Sawant - do you think any one would have given a damn ?
    Just under the liberation concept - you cannot behave "My choice".
    Tell me seriously - can you and me with young teenage daughters behave "My Choice".
    Why with our limited influence - when we take care of what we say and do - Don't you think these celebrities should shoulder their responsibilites in public atleast ?


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