Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Humbleness at its best!

This is about a person known or yet unknown to me personally. Kumar is a cab owner. Has few taxis that he gives for rental. He is the vendor of the company v work in. We normally use his services for Mumbai office or airport transfers. He is very prompt in his services and we have been interacting on phone with him for 2 yrs.
One day when we had booked the cab with him the scheduled driver was not available. So he himself came with the cab and drove us to Mumbai n back. He did not say a word about who he is. That he owns the agency. We assumed him to b one of the drivers. On one occasion when he came home to collect money...We realised that he was the owner. Very humbly he said...If my driver is on leave I take the customer myself. I fill in for duty. Hearing that I was so happy to know a professional like him.
But there is more in store. When recently we contacted him and his phone was not reachable..We got in touch with next in charge at this agency. He informed us that Kumar was on leave for a month as he was visiting his children.
His Son is double Ph.d in US and his daughter is also in US and is a doctor. He was in US for a month long vacation.
He sent an email from there saying he is away and that Dhananjya will b the touch point in his absence.
I m so impressed with the professional attitude and more over the humbleness.
Truly respect him!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Parent Child quotient

When does a child decide he needs privacy n independence of his own?
What should be parents stand...respect n accept the proposal? Or dictate saying till I find it fit. ..u will stick with us?

Old age n hopes

At times I feel the hopes an old person has is as fragile as them!
I had mentioned abt my father's 80th bday to this lady who is around 70-73 yrs. The other day she asked me how was the bday. I said it was nice n smiled. She asked..ull celebrated out or called all at home? She was eagerly looking at me waiting for the answer. I said Aunty it was at home and with us children only. We cudnt invite all as exams were on for most of the children in the family. Like a kid she said...oh yes..u can do it in vacation..isn't it? ☺
She seemed more excited. I said yes...We can. Then with broaden smile she asked...wat kind of cake ull got? There are unique cakes available now. Oh..He has diabetes is it?  Not allowed sweet ?
Now my curiosity was peaking n I was reading her face...With a smile I cudnt hold back. So I decided to tell her how the bday was..n like a small kid with bright smile she listened attentively.
I thought I will show her the special edition of newspaper we did for my father as his surprise bday gift.
And then my thought stopped. This lady may have been thinking of a small similar bday of her own arranged by her children. Not sure if they wud do it...but did she hoped for one?
Would me showing her the newspaper v made for my dad...put her into deep thought hoping her children shud do something similar for her? Wud it pain her than delight?
How fragile she seemed n more than that the hopes..thoughts..wishes she had?
Shud i be showing her the newspaper?

Celebrity syndrome

Before I pen my thoughts let me openly say that I m not smitten by any celebrity. I am not a crazy fan that blindly follows their fav celebrities. ..specially from films. So this post is NOT in favor of any celebrity in particular.
During the recent video controversy Deepika Padukone was accused on many fronts. Claims were made that she has done the vogue video for publicity stunt for her upcoming movie! Really???
That she is cheap for miming words written by some lyricist. That she is public figure and she cannot be talking of sex and women's choices. That as public person she has moral responsibilities and cannot do video where her hair are blowing n bra strap seen..and what not!
Let us pause. So a celebrity or public figures cannot say like this....and a commoner can?? If an ordinary person like you and me talk about sex ( read as gossip women issues) that is acceptable? Is celebrity not a woman? Is she not like any of us with opinions? Are her blood cells any different from ordinary standard people like us? They claim Celebrity influence generations itseems and you think common friends..books..colleges..offices..systems..culture don't influence youngsters? ?
Celebrity doing such video  is degraded and commoners like you and me using social media like FB, twitter, blogspot is elegant? Disgracing anyone is not graceful as per me.
Every individual has a choice..has an opinion. You like it...accept it. You don't like it..ignore and move on.
I like to take positives from things that I come across. From the vogue video I choose to rest this topic. It is MY CHOICE 😉

Choices people make

Choices people make say a lot about them. Others judge them for these choices. Seldom anyone gives a thought to understand the reasoning behind the choice. At times there is nothing more than the beliefs he/she holds. Some do take that effort to think why someone made that choice..but only to ridicule. He or she must have done that to benefit himself/herself.  They believe there must be some selfish motive...hidden agenda behind every choice a person makes. That speaks of an individual thinking capacity (or limitations I can say) more than anything else ☺
When some individuals choices do not impact your day to day life....or rather does not deal with you in anyway...why should one retaliate so much? What right do you exercise in condemning another human being?
The concept of "Live and Let Live" is diminishing under the so called democracy of freedom of speech!
Hope better sense prevail.