Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Parting with machine...

Have you ever felt the pain seeing your car go away for good?  I have felt it the 2nd time. First was when my 6 yr old Lily  (Alto) went n today my 4.5 yr old Pari  ( Fiesta) went.
One may wonder if I m out of my head when I m referring abt this parting pain with cars. It's machine after all....! But to me..they have been an integral part of my day to day commute. Have seen me happy..angry..upset..sad..All moods  sitting with the machine. I believe they sense their drivers...they have a response ability...
I m more connected to the car than  perhaps few distant relatives. I loved my car as an identity and hence we believe in naming them too. Her parlour visits were actually servicing visits. I wudnt like anyone else behind her wheel. I feel the pain if there is slightest hurt to her..
I have actually conversed with the the car.
As I saw her go today...I kept looking at her till she was out of the gate..out of my sight. Tears rolled down at the thought that I may never b able to see her again. ..perhaps she will miss me too...
I hope she gets a loving family who will take good care of her....I'll miss you Pari


  1. Your post reminded me about the various assignments given during the English Grammar class. My favourites would be writing essays - especially Autobiographies. I vividly remember writing an autobiography of a Car. I thus can relate a lot to your post.
    Though I am not attached to my recent cars - I was quite attached to my very first Maruti -800. I drove around a lot in her. Especially since Rutu was a baby then - I would have Rutu- her maid and her dog- Sultan all around with me. I too missed her when we sold her.
    Later they came and they went - since driving around in Mumbai became a pain day by day - I have started to rely more and more on Kishor for driving me around. Basically its the bad traffic and parking woes that kills the love for driving.
    So that this one of yours is gone - when is the new coming?

  2. is lil strange. I dont probably feel this way for the Fiesta that Siddhesh has or his Endeavor. It is the ones I have driven and that for years together, I have this connection...with both of them:)
    Yep, the new baby Myra is expected in week of 9th March. Myra will be the first that Siddhesh and I both will share. Let us see how I connect :)


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