Monday, 9 March 2015


Jealousy is just like any other feeling. Generally considered negative feeling. Every one has some or the other reason to b jealous of another. Some to a nascent stage...some very crude. How to handle these jealous vibes?  If you feel jealous of some stage or later there is a solution to fix it....ofcourse if you WANT to fix it. ☺ impact can be worked out.
The other kind is when you receive those vibes from other. How not to let that impact you? We know we can't control other's thinking. we have to control our thoughts and not worry about what others think. How easy is that? Solution is to believe that you have earned it because you deserve it. You worked for it.
Further turmoil is when jealousy turns into competition. You just cannot do anything about people wanting to compete. Worst still when you can sense that the competition is not because one feels genuine...It is only to "show" I m "one up" if not same.
Not to loose urself in such chaos is the state of attainment! 
Perhaps breathing out may help ☺

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