Sunday, 15 March 2015

I m busy

Actually I m wondering why do we say I m busy? Have we given the time to assess the truth when we say we are busy?
It's the easiest excuse we give ourselves n others. If we gave little time management dose to ourselves I m sure there are few seconds..minutes..hours available out there.
At times we get tired with the routine and prefer to laze around..can relate to that and it is fair enough. One can get exhausted n need some time doing nothing. But then why say busy when someone asks for your time? Say you font want to do what is being asked rather than saying I am busy...velach naahi milat and all those excuses..
We want to sound goody goody so we don't say No...We want others to know how much we are doing. we are busy and end result really start believing we are busy!

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