Saturday, 28 March 2015

To the top without much noise

Saina Nehwal claimed the top most position without much noise. That's the most graceful climb I feel! Today the world will take a note of this silent climb...wooww.
Not that she had not faced bad times in life...she must have sure had her ups n down...people ridiculed and she had her own failures. ..but today nothing matters.
Way to go...way to follow

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Two sides of coin

Is insecurity and competition two sides of the same coin?  Does one lead to other? They say anything in excess is not good and certainly if these are the sides than definitely not!
Trying to nail down exactly what is it that prompts one to compete? Is it insecurity alone or are there others like showdown?  Things like wanting to prove a point? When one does succeed in trying to show the other their equivalent standing. are we to react to such people..circumstances and realities? 
Ignoring doesn't sound so simple..accepting also is not easy.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

I m busy

Actually I m wondering why do we say I m busy? Have we given the time to assess the truth when we say we are busy?
It's the easiest excuse we give ourselves n others. If we gave little time management dose to ourselves I m sure there are few seconds..minutes..hours available out there.
At times we get tired with the routine and prefer to laze around..can relate to that and it is fair enough. One can get exhausted n need some time doing nothing. But then why say busy when someone asks for your time? Say you font want to do what is being asked rather than saying I am busy...velach naahi milat and all those excuses..
We want to sound goody goody so we don't say No...We want others to know how much we are doing. we are busy and end result really start believing we are busy!

Monday, 9 March 2015


Jealousy is just like any other feeling. Generally considered negative feeling. Every one has some or the other reason to b jealous of another. Some to a nascent stage...some very crude. How to handle these jealous vibes?  If you feel jealous of some stage or later there is a solution to fix it....ofcourse if you WANT to fix it. ☺ impact can be worked out.
The other kind is when you receive those vibes from other. How not to let that impact you? We know we can't control other's thinking. we have to control our thoughts and not worry about what others think. How easy is that? Solution is to believe that you have earned it because you deserve it. You worked for it.
Further turmoil is when jealousy turns into competition. You just cannot do anything about people wanting to compete. Worst still when you can sense that the competition is not because one feels genuine...It is only to "show" I m "one up" if not same.
Not to loose urself in such chaos is the state of attainment! 
Perhaps breathing out may help ☺

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Parting with machine...

Have you ever felt the pain seeing your car go away for good?  I have felt it the 2nd time. First was when my 6 yr old Lily  (Alto) went n today my 4.5 yr old Pari  ( Fiesta) went.
One may wonder if I m out of my head when I m referring abt this parting pain with cars. It's machine after all....! But to me..they have been an integral part of my day to day commute. Have seen me happy..angry..upset..sad..All moods  sitting with the machine. I believe they sense their drivers...they have a response ability...
I m more connected to the car than  perhaps few distant relatives. I loved my car as an identity and hence we believe in naming them too. Her parlour visits were actually servicing visits. I wudnt like anyone else behind her wheel. I feel the pain if there is slightest hurt to her..
I have actually conversed with the the car.
As I saw her go today...I kept looking at her till she was out of the gate..out of my sight. Tears rolled down at the thought that I may never b able to see her again. ..perhaps she will miss me too...
I hope she gets a loving family who will take good care of her....I'll miss you Pari