Sunday, 18 January 2015

When you are hurt...disappointed

What is your typical reaction like when you are hurt, or disappointed or angry at someone or yourself? Are you able to predict that?

For me, I go in a shell. I take a step back from the situation. I go silent and cold. Many a times this has helped resolved many issues. As most of the times what you need to resolve an issue is just little time. Sometimes I forget the issue very easily and sometimes it remains inside me for a while. Best part is I dont let it hurt me for long. I am thankful about my ability to get back with routine. And what makes me happy is, most of the times....maximum facial expression will continue to remain calm and at peace although I may be boiling within.

Sometimes it just helps to sleep over the matter. Next day you wake up and realize that issue was so trivial. There were times when I felt the other way too :) and in that case the issue certainly deserves my cold vibe!

I would say 95% of the times people dont even realize I am upset about something. I have this immediate reaction to accommodate what other person has to say. Again this has its pro & con..but it has helped me more than harm.


  1. Bravo !!! only a saint can do that .
    I definitely cannot. For me it is two ways - Sometimes I am not in a position to answer back - so I fume and fret and cry. and sometimes I lash out. (Both ways I am hurt).
    Thankfully there are few such occasions in my life.

  2. Oh I do lash out for those 5% of times, and I can say that is very bad to the other person at receiving end :) But when I lash out, I am not hurt cause I know if I am lashing out it is 100% beyond my tolerance!


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