Thursday, 29 January 2015

Positive Negative exchange

Long time back I was part of a short-film. The story revolved around the characters of lead actor & actress. The male character was all negative, low on life..bored dejected fellow and is admitted for psychological treatment. He has a nurse attending him who is full of life, always smiling, bubbly lady. They have several exchanges of thoughts and conversation during which she transfers lot of positive thoughts into him. He starts to see life better and eventually clears all the tests. The day of his discharge he wishes to meet this nurse and he gets to know that she is dead...suicidal case.

The intent to mention the above story is in our life too, we come across people with positive and negatives vibe. Has it happened to you in reality that someone has actually got you thinking positive or someone has actually taken the positive charge from you and left you with negative emotions?

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  1. Nothing particular worth mentioning - but yes there are definitely - Positive and Negative persons around. It is for us to be receptive to the positive energy around us. During the course of our life - we go through a lot of situations - some in our favour and some against us. It is during these crucial moments that we have to gather all our strength and keep us afloat, because it is very easy to drift towards the negative thoughts and negative energy during these times.


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