Wednesday, 7 January 2015

India is really exercising !!

I am an On and Off into exercising Buff. Sometimes it is Yoga, sometimes it is Treadmill, Gym, Swimming etc etc. Haven't done anything with consistency. Last few months I have been going for walks a bit regularly. It has amazed me to see the amount of people who have become Health Conscious.  A pretty large amount of people walk in the mornings and an equally same amount walk in the evenings. What I found intruding was that people from all class have taken to building up their health - Initially it was among the uppercuts and then filtered to the middle class, but now you see even the not so well off males - females and youngsters doing some or the other kind of work out.
Is it because people have realised the benefits of working out - or is it become a prestige issue to say that "I am into Gymming?" I wonder.

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  1. Exercising is not my cup of tea. I agree with its benefits in all forms and I am sure it has done lot good for most. But I cannot seem to get hooked on it.
    As for why janta follows..I am sure all see benefit in it and hence must be doing it. Else why would someone spend time on activity they do not believe in na? :)


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