Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bumper to Bumper driving

I am sure you see cars around you on a busy chaotic and traffic jammed roads trying to get into space next to you or ahead of you even if it means it is just an inch!! Wonder what mentality is that? Have you given that a thought? I mean trying to squeeze in meter by meter helps you get no much ahead. And specially if you are waiting for a turn and someone else inches in. Why do people don't realize that a minute of wait can resolve the chaos at traffic? Everyone seems to be in extreme hurry...I feel it is not the is the attitude that I will not let anyone take over me!! There is whole lot of ego that does not allow you to let someone move in a bit and then you get going too.
I have deliberately and patiently waited making way for someone who has been wanting to get in queue. In such scenario I hear loads of horns behind me, signalling me why am I being stupid? It is like aap ke mahanta ke chakker mein hum kyu fase?
Anyways I have decided to be a good citizen and show some behavior of good Samaritan...hopefully few more heads may decide as well and hopefully it may help make bumper to bumper driving a little less stressful ride. 


  1. Totally agree with you. But the main problem lies in the fact that ours is an highly over populated country. For us Darwins theory applies fully - SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, as such we are in such a hurry to get things done. Pehle Aap -Pehle Aap me gadi chut jati hai. Many a time it is ego in not allowing the other person to inch further - but sometimes it is the need - Like for example when we went to school meetings or to watch plays - if we did not push in - we were sure to miss the parking lot - and then would have to park somewhere a mile away (with the constant risk of the car being towed away).

  2. Yes, so we need to make this a way of life to assume the delay and start early. Only in case of emergency/need it can be accepted. But we cannot have emergency all the days :)


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