Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to react to this?

For every question, situation, statement, remark, if the other person has explanation that you know is not logical....what do you do? :)

Positive Negative exchange

Long time back I was part of a short-film. The story revolved around the characters of lead actor & actress. The male character was all negative, low on life..bored dejected fellow and is admitted for psychological treatment. He has a nurse attending him who is full of life, always smiling, bubbly lady. They have several exchanges of thoughts and conversation during which she transfers lot of positive thoughts into him. He starts to see life better and eventually clears all the tests. The day of his discharge he wishes to meet this nurse and he gets to know that she is dead...suicidal case.

The intent to mention the above story is in our life too, we come across people with positive and negatives vibe. Has it happened to you in reality that someone has actually got you thinking positive or someone has actually taken the positive charge from you and left you with negative emotions?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Shawshank Redemption

Saw this movie the other day. It talks of having hope and faith when placed in hopeless situation. I feel it only works in script and movies. Is it really possible for a man to keep working at something for twenty years without letting a soul know what is going on in his mind? 

Bumper to Bumper driving

I am sure you see cars around you on a busy chaotic and traffic jammed roads trying to get into space next to you or ahead of you even if it means it is just an inch!! Wonder what mentality is that? Have you given that a thought? I mean trying to squeeze in meter by meter helps you get no much ahead. And specially if you are waiting for a turn and someone else inches in. Why do people don't realize that a minute of wait can resolve the chaos at traffic? Everyone seems to be in extreme hurry...I feel it is not the is the attitude that I will not let anyone take over me!! There is whole lot of ego that does not allow you to let someone move in a bit and then you get going too.
I have deliberately and patiently waited making way for someone who has been wanting to get in queue. In such scenario I hear loads of horns behind me, signalling me why am I being stupid? It is like aap ke mahanta ke chakker mein hum kyu fase?
Anyways I have decided to be a good citizen and show some behavior of good Samaritan...hopefully few more heads may decide as well and hopefully it may help make bumper to bumper driving a little less stressful ride. 

When you are hurt...disappointed

What is your typical reaction like when you are hurt, or disappointed or angry at someone or yourself? Are you able to predict that?

For me, I go in a shell. I take a step back from the situation. I go silent and cold. Many a times this has helped resolved many issues. As most of the times what you need to resolve an issue is just little time. Sometimes I forget the issue very easily and sometimes it remains inside me for a while. Best part is I dont let it hurt me for long. I am thankful about my ability to get back with routine. And what makes me happy is, most of the times....maximum facial expression will continue to remain calm and at peace although I may be boiling within.

Sometimes it just helps to sleep over the matter. Next day you wake up and realize that issue was so trivial. There were times when I felt the other way too :) and in that case the issue certainly deserves my cold vibe!

I would say 95% of the times people dont even realize I am upset about something. I have this immediate reaction to accommodate what other person has to say. Again this has its pro & con..but it has helped me more than harm.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

India is really exercising !!

I am an On and Off into exercising Buff. Sometimes it is Yoga, sometimes it is Treadmill, Gym, Swimming etc etc. Haven't done anything with consistency. Last few months I have been going for walks a bit regularly. It has amazed me to see the amount of people who have become Health Conscious.  A pretty large amount of people walk in the mornings and an equally same amount walk in the evenings. What I found intruding was that people from all class have taken to building up their health - Initially it was among the uppercuts and then filtered to the middle class, but now you see even the not so well off males - females and youngsters doing some or the other kind of work out.
Is it because people have realised the benefits of working out - or is it become a prestige issue to say that "I am into Gymming?" I wonder.