Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sustain a good Habit....

Going back to my previous post where I had questioned, when we say we are busy...HOW BUSY ARE WE REALLY? Here is the next question is line to the prior.

How well do you SUSTAIN? How regular are you at the tasks you start??

Has it happened to you before that you start something with bang bang and with lot of determination and in few weeks or perhaps few days you see ...pooffffff.....the motivation vanish ?? Familiar situation na?
Have you done something about it? What in your opinion will help one SUSTAIN a good HABIT?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Have any of you ever written a Journal?? Or a diary? To keep account of important happenings or just about anything that goes on your mind. It can also be a book that will document your travels and things that you have done which were a bit hatkee..

Dork Diaries 3 1/2: How To Dork Your Diary

I was inspired to think of something like this when I came across this book called THE DORK DIARIES which has one question a day for young girls, which is like a diary. It helps them think about some things deeply and I feel makes them understand life a little better.
I loved this book and feel that if each one of us has something like that with us, which has simple but lovely questions which make us think a little more about the LITTLE LITTLE THINGS THAT MATTER in our life.
I started out with a set of questions for Madhavi when I visited her place.. Would you all like to start something like that?
 Just buy one notebook or a one day a page diary where you can write your answers and write the year against it.
And when you visit this page in your diary a year or couple of years later you might be having a different answer to the same question.. So wont that be interesting to know what you thought all those years back.
I will be glad to form a question a day.. And we can add the other questions as and when someone else thinks of them..

We will keep the answers private for those who do not want to share and the rest can share their answers.
If you are interested let me know ,we can start writing together from the 1st of July 2014


1.       2 Activities that can keep me busy and happy or hours.
2.      2 people who I look to for wisdom
3.      This week did anyone make you smile and why??
4.      What is your childhood food memory which you miss?
5.      Is there one song that you feel represents a little part of your life?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Welcoming new Senoritas...

We are strong TEN Senorita group now :) Warm welcome to Sweta, Uma, Monica and Smruti Bhabhi !!!
Looking forward to individual NEW POST (right hand side-top bar) from all. CHEERRSSS :) :) :)

Impact of Advertisement..

How many of you have been impacted by an advertisement and actually bought the product? Do we easily fall trap to the advertisement gimmicks OR we are always looking for something better than what we have (in terms of products pls ;) )

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Remarrying a better option for Widower?

Recently our fellow club member who was a windower remarried. After which there was quite a buzz in the social circle. Some in favour, some against. His wife had expired all of a sudden (massive heartattack) more then a year back.....maybe even 2 yrs back and his only daughter is married off. Personally speaking I felt what he did was right. He was all alone and possibly, he needed company. Secondly, he has married someone from his age group and with similar background and so they will have a better understanding. Whats your take ladies?

The first GREY hair

Hello Senoritas...I wanted to know how you ladies reacted to the first grey hair. I spotted my first grey hair last week and I was really pissed off. Agreeded we are aging and this was expected sooner or later but somehow i wasnt prepared. I am already thinking of hair colouring option.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Think Tank..When you say you are busy are U? :)

Think Tank are those questions that you need to answer yourself. It is like reality check. So when you say I soo wanted to you know....but I was very busy!!! How busy were you really ?? 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Men can do only one thing at a time and Women never stop talking....

Yes you got that right....I am now reading Allan + Barbara Pease book titled above. I have always liked these theories and its scientific explanation (brain mapping OR hormonal locha..if you say) I have read another famous book "Men are from Mars & Women from Venus by John Gray. Similar funda....they try and tell you the difference between the way Men perceive things and the way Women perceive things. If you have not read any this series.....pls pick one today!!! If you understand the basic brain mapping, I am sure you will start looking at opposite sex with more clarity. You will not fume and get upset on the things men do and you will also understand how they (men) perceive women behaviour. It is like what you say and how they perceive. Very interesting :)

I have also read Why Men dont ask direction and Women cant read Maps...Ill share my take once I am through with this book by the week :) Happy Reading!! 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Vat Savitri....

Today is Vat many of you believe in this concept? Do you follow any ritual on this day? For those who may not know Vat Savitri it is best explained as Marathi version of Karwa Chauth :) (I am sure Karwa Chauth is so used in movies that bacchha bacchha jaanta )

You all must have heard the famous joke...young ladies were performing pujas and "praying agle saath janam muzhe yehi pati mile". An old wise lady sitting around said....kabhi pati se pucha hai ki kya usse agle saath janam wohi patni chahiye?? hehehehhehe

Intro of new senoritas on blog...

We have two new joiners @ aamcho-konso..Dr. Swapna Patker (introduced to us by Pratima Bhabhi) and Mahek..who is none other than our Reshma Bhabhi :)

Welcome Senoritas :)



This is my first post on this Blog and many will follow for sure...
Hope you enjoy your time on this blog and learn things by sharing information.

Each one of us has something to share and convey to help others build up a better life. There is wealth of information around the web which can be absorbed.

We can also share our likes and dislikes and get to know the reactions and opinions of others. I also know that the area of interest of each person varies and so it’s OK to skip some things which do not interest you or which does not excite you enough to want to read it.

I love sharing information about food and nutrition as I love reading about it, I love homemaking, home organizing tips and ideas and off-course recipes. 

I have a very special affinity towards books and magazines, which deal with interiors and simple living and so you may find updates which are having those topics in the focus.

My name is Mahek for all my blogs..So don’t skip Mahek’s updates.. Hehe…


Read it and tell what information you have about some of the fruits not mentioned here.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


What do you think about Tattoo? Would YOU get inked.......whatever is your stand please elaborate !!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Choc sin....

Have you had chocolate lately to your hearts content?  What was your feeling right after eating it

a) Ooppss no wonder I dont reduce :(
b) I will make up for this by not having dinner
c) Aahhhhh.....choc!! (n run your tongue around corners of your lips)
d) Do we really think after eating??!?
e) Choc?? My god...that is poison.I just dont eat choc :):)
f) <you are free to add your state>

Hi Girls
Yesterday  &pictures  showcased Aamir Khan 's unreleased film  Chale Chalo ( I will call it documentary  though ) . It showed the making of Lagaan . Right from screen narration to shooting  of scenes , dances etc etc,
What appealed to me about it was the foresight  of Aamir to shoot all this some 10 years ago and  market the same now .
Leaving aside the branding , marketing theories I got to see how seriously and painstakingly our actors and actresses work and endure hardships  during the making of this   epic film . . Be it their very difficult location
,a  different dialect of Hindi , the assimilation of foreign artistes and they speaking Hindi . The most touching part was A K Hangal ' s story , he had a bad fall and could not walk but in spite of it he shot for the film and completed it . cheers .Madhavi do watch it if they show it again as you  are a Aamir  fan.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Palace of Illusions...

I started reading this book (suggested by Pratima Bhabhi). It is narration by Paanchali of her life time. I have soo many questions on this. Let me clear that this is FICTION and it is author Chitra Banerjee's version of Draupadi's state of mind. This is not authenticated.

One interesting fact is Draupadi found Gandhari to be rather stupid to blindfold herself since her husband Dhritirashtra was blind by birth. She said that since her husband was deprived of sight she too would sacrifice vision. Whereas Draupadi says it was all the more essential that Gandhari kept her eyes open and rather keep her husband updated with happening around. Good thot :)

But on flip side, apparently Karan had also participated in the swayamwar but since he belonged to poor cast (brought up by boat rider) he was disqualified. Further to the insult it was Draupadi who intervenes in between and asks him who is his father. Karna hence is terribly insulted in front of all. And then rest of her life she kept yearning for Karna...sighhhh

Supposedly when the verdict of her being shared by 5 husbands was accepted by all,  she had to spend one continuous year with one brother and when she would move to another brother, her virginity was reinstated. Wonder where Science was then...:) :) :)

I am through with half the book, balance comments I will share when I am done reading :)

Sunday v/s Weekday

Hey Pratima bhabhi has a very interesting question...since she has put that under comment I started a new thread with the same question. <You can always click "New Post" on extreme top right hand side corner and post a new thread>.

So bhabhi says she hates waking up late on Sunday as she feels part of her holiday is lost and obviously we all hate to wake up early on weekdays but errands force us too :(
My take on this is that I deliberately sleep late on Sunday. I don recollect a Sunday where I might have woken up before 9am unless I have guests or I am travelling. But when at home I definitely sleep till late to make up for all weekday early rises :) Sundays is lazy day for me...I loveeee it that way. I will not keep any hectic activity like outing, picnic on Sunday as I want to relax, have long bathtime...late "Brunch"..cook something different than the weekday and generally stay in the comfort of my home. The balance days of the week I have to go out to this one day I really enjoy BEING HOME. I will ensure I do not do any chore that I otherwise do on the balance days of the week. Hence Sunday begins late but i love it that way :) If you can spend that day to your benefit...I guess it is holiday well enjoyed...what do you all say??

Saturday, 7 June 2014

A Princess Remembers...

Read this auto biography of Gayatri Devi. Thanks To Deepa to share this book and the interest generated by her in Jaipur dynasty. It is an awesome read. What a life...what a royalty!!  Lot of shades that we may or may not relate. It is a walk through 1919 to 1975. Good read.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Hey there....

Warm welcome to you! :) Let us brew some interesting learning