Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Watching Animals in Zoo

Somehow I have never enjoyed watching animals in cage. We used to have lot of picnics in school and as family outing to zoos (Bondla being the fav) and any other city that we would go as tourist also had zoo as one of the items.
I never really approved of that. I enjoyed the family and picnic part of it...but not seeing those animals in that condition.
Many people believe you should see animals as rare species and like we visit museum to see antics...something similar is ZOO..Really???
If you want to add it as curiosity factor for your always have encyclopedia, documentaries on TV and CD's to introduce them. Moreover if you still want real animal feel, you can watch them in safari.....where you are in cage and they as free animals in their habitat :)

What are the other takes on this? 

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