Friday, 12 December 2014

Layers beyond the obvious.

I had again an opportunity to catch a glimpse of Marathi serial Honaar sunn mi hya gharchi. And again there was an interesting message. This time the male lead explains a story to his wife.

He says as a kid he was one day playing in garden and he saw a crow sitting close to his puppy. Fearing that crow may hurt the puppy, he throws a small stone expecting the crow to fly off. But crow does not. This behavior takes him aback thinking how adamant the crow can be. He is not afraid of a boy shoo him away and neither afraid of stone hitting him....what attitude is that?
So agitated he says he picked a bigger stone to hit him...just then the gardener came and said dont throw that at the crow, he is injured and unable to fly. That day he says he learnt a lesson..

We sometimes assume or make a perception upon seeing what is visible to us. But then that is not the ultimate truth. There are layers beyond the obvious. 

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  1. True..
    Many a times when we look at a person who to us seems to have everything , we see his success ,his prosperity and feel how lucky he is to be in such a position, but do we spare a thought to what he must have gone through to reach where he is today .The amount of hardwork and sacrifice that has gone through the whole process.


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