Sunday, 2 November 2014

Your personality changes with time...

Have you wondered what and how you were as a person 10 years back..20 years back as compared with today? I am sure all will say this is course of nature and as days progress, change in personality is bound to happen as every individuals learns and unlearns something every day! She/He will change as per the circumstances and evolve.

Ok...but now I have a specific question. I was thinking few days back, how I was as Ms Deshpande and how I am as Mrs Bhobe. So here I definitely have the process of evolution with time but if I was in the environment of "Deshpande's" all this while, would my thought process be like how it is today? If I was not in Bhobe family, would my thinking be the same or different?

Point is, how much of people you live with day to day influence your thinking?? I thought on this and I was able to classify some traits that I learnt being Bhobe...perhaps being Deshpande I would have not been exposed to that line of thinking. And there are some points in me which are specific because I come from Deshpande household and I would never experience them as being Bhobe. Very interesting exercise.....try giving it a thought :) :)

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