Monday, 24 November 2014

Uncertain Life...

Our Admin AVP passed away yesterday..he was 54. So..why am I sharing this here? What do you have to do with this? I want to share the reality that hit me...not that we are not aware of uncertainties and deaths but this was shocking!

He was hail and hearty and live wire. The company had arranged a Marathon and there were 1500 participants. He was part of them. The entire leadership was present and participated to encourage the crowd. He was cheering all around and encouraging to run/walk. He himself was walking at brisk pace and must have walked hardly a km. He felt uneasy and sat at the pavement, still smiling broad and cheering participants....move move..he kept saying. There were paramedics, ambulances and doctors on run. He being AVP...he was asked several times if he is feeling fine and he said Yes...he is fine..he will go back to office.

In office cab he came to office...his cabin and received massive cardiac arrest. He was immediately taken to hospital but was declared dead on arrival. Life is so unpredictable. When I heard of this, I was uneasy for quiet a while. When he must have woken that morning, when he must have had tea, waved bye to his family (he does not have children) he must have had no idea this was his final bye...
He kept motivating people at Marathon...said keep moving.....little did he know that he was going to freeze for good.

We have so many plans and To Do stuff and we plan so many things we will do tomorrow or some other day and keep procrastinating...hardly we know when will be our last moment... live life to the fullest Senoritas...Kal ho na ho...

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