Monday, 24 November 2014

Talking and connects help...

While I mentioned about the Dengue story and some learning I had during the phase, one of it was a fresh perspective and outlook is sometimes so essential! While we three were typically moving around the same conversation about tests/dengue/how-r-u-feeling-now's/temp checks/medicines and struggle to get some food/fruits, Sweta and Siddha coming over for 2 days not only brought fresh perspective but also some energy since we were talking on varied topics.

Similarly, we connect a lot over phone/wats app and we exchange few things here and there. Have you realized how important they are? For that moment they give you totally new angle and point to think about. Our day to day routine is extremely busy.....I buy that......but these harmless...quick energy exchanges is so encouraging!!

Why do we always get under this carpet of being extremely busy with work/chores for days..weeks..months together? Why do we give up on something as refreshing as connects and talking to each other on the pretext of being occupied?

I am fortunate to have some heart to heart conversations with few of my buddies and that is on any topics..from daily updates to family/friends cribs and is always a refreshing insights and I strongly believe this talking and connect really contribute as food for thought....

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  1. I completely agree that when we connect with some, your whole perspective, mood changes immediately. I am so used to that one phone conversation with Madhavi that if it doesn't happen for some reason, i feel the day is not going right. Infact I am addicted to that.


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