Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Interesting insight from the doc

The lady doctor with whom we interacted for our Dengue case shared a very interesting thought. One of our close friends is getting married and she was down with viral. And she also needed to travel for her own wedding. We had taken her to this doc. So the doc asked, if your wedding is in next 3 days, what are you doing there? Why are you not at your home/or where the wedding is supposed to be? So my friend said, she will travel a day in advance and there are some last minute stuff pending.
The doc said, this is all your unconventional modern generation behavior. In olden times we had a ritual that a week prior to the wedding there was a puja held and thereafter the bride n groom were not allowed out of the house. Do you think it was just the ritual? It was done so that the bride and groom could rest well, avoid any untoward incident and generally entire family would gather together so work could be distributed and completed well in time.

I am sure our customs and rituals definitely have a logic and while we should adapt with the changing modern times, there are certain things we should learn from our past generations too.

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