Monday, 3 November 2014

Getting Back to Routine...

I had a short break from routine and tomorrow I set back in action with my known schedule. In most of my conversations with people, I have seen resentment in "getting back to routine". Why does this happen? I was thinking about it. 

When I go to office tomo, are they going to torture me..not at all? In fact once I am in office I am going to get in full swing at work. Then why do I make face at the beginning? Do they harass me? Not at all...I will have my friends, colleagues come to me and ask how was the vacation, what all I saw, I did..we all will have lunch together...have tea together...laugh..joke..give hi-fives...catch up on missed incidents, escalations, interesting stories and hear genuinely that you were what is the reason for me to say......ohhhh office from tomo :( Why from tomo :) :)

What is the theory behind this? When going on vacation, you are excited as you are not going to do what you otherwise do. So when you are back from vacation (always a short one) you still do what you were not doing for a short while. Where does the excitement disappear when you come back?? 
Has it just become a habit? Is it so imbibed on our minds, by our own actions and actions of all around us that all of us feel the same? So much so that even kids say....ohhhhh school from tomo...:I dont want to go mamma :( Lol....are they watching us and unknowingly we are imbibing on their minds too? If you had 10 months ka vacation and 2 months ka would it be? would we be bored of vacationing? 

Even talking to my neighbor, she was like...vacation over back to sad!!! Why was she feeling sad and making me feel more sad :) :) 

Getting back to routine is really that bad.........really that boring?? And best part is, in a day or two we dont further complain and get back to routine (we really have no choice there) then why crib??Sochne waali baat hai....

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  1. The problem is getting back to the routine which is monotonous. We easily get bored of routines. And yes if the 10 month vacation was monotonous then we would have eagerly waited for it to end. During the normal working days you just follow the timetable....time to get up, time for school, office, drop, pickup, class, walk, gym, dinner and also sleep. But when you are on a break you dont have these limitations and thats what we all like. No bandhan whatsoever. Your work or your workplace must be exciting but when you are forced to do it as a compulsion, we dont like it possibly and thats the reason we react differently as the vacation ends. Also, the moment vacation ends, everyone gets occupied with their respective work and you remain disconnected with even your family. You are surrounded with your office tensions and pressures and you miss out on family time.


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