Sunday, 2 November 2014

Experience is the best teacher...

Many a times we make an image...perception about certain people. People we hear about, read about, where we have "limited" knowledge about...and we make up an image. It can be so misleading is something i learnt on set of Bigg Boss :) N i would have not understood this if I had not experienced it.

Bigg Boss is a reality show I like to watch as you get to understand how human's react under pressure test..staying under one roof for 100 days with other contestants who are "half-known" to you.

I had formed an image about Salman Khan..having read about his police cases jail..controversy..animal killing..multiple girl friends..creating ruckus outside aishwarya on and so forth. He has never been king at acting..but yes he has been hero of masses. So always an average guy...standard guy...rather so-so guy....

I was stunned at the following abilities Salman Khan displayed LIVE.
1) I believed Bigg Boss to be scripted for TRP ratings. But actually watching the shoot, he spoke for 3 hours NON-STOP...and Extempore. Thoughts just flew from one topic to other as he hosted the conversation.
2) It takes an intelligent mind to catch people at things they are saying "literally" and things they are hinting/tonting at. To be able to precisely read where the other person is leading you and counter him/her is marvel to watch as a show!
3) He has no make up fixes, touch ups and assistants running around airs about being STAR...he was giving serious work and effort and therefore earning his due money.
4) I was initially wrong at thinking that you get pampered as star...people attention and just have to come..give 2 liner shot and go and sit back in your vanity...and earn crazy money! Here I saw him tired...perhaps legs hurting as he was standing continuously for 3 hours (given that he is turning 50 this month), he had sip of diet coke just once..perhaps his throat might have dried up talking this long....he was pressing his eyes in between...and walking up n down thinking about discussions that was going on.
5) There is a knack to hold conversations...all cannot do it. And specially when you are a host, to keep the contestants involved, audience involved and so many viewers watching on national television, to keep them involved and excited about the shaping of show is amazing skill. To use right and impact-fully words without script is self technique and he displayed so well.
6) He must have definitely done his homework on what he is going to say, how to say...but there were no RE-TAKES, no rehersals....that was what impressed me.

No..pls dont think I am now Salman fan and going all weak in my knees :) But yes...I learnt that I had no right to form an opinion about a person and make general remarks about him without even knowing him. I agree U will not know every person on this earth, so you are bound to make an image about her/him with whatever information you get about them. BUT at-least I would not like to de-mean any one as FALTU going forward. That is my learning ...thank you Bigg Boss :)

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