Monday, 24 November 2014

Coming off age..

Had a nice tingling experience this Saturday. It was normal weekend where the household awakes generally late as compared to weekdays. But this Saturday, it was different. Sanam was up at 730am and was ready by 9am to leave for FOOTBALL match at School. I was still to overcome the thinking of when and where did Sanam get interested in Football??? Yeh kab hua types...
She had told me the previous day that all her friends were going to School to cheer the team for inter school matches.
Very casually sipping my tea I asked her what time do I need to drop and collect her. Pat came the reply.....Drop?? Mamma, please...I am going with my friends...I told you right...Srinidhi..Krithika....(list went on) will be all meeting in our complex and from here we will all go?
I was like...Oh ok....Yes..U did tell me!! Between 9 to 930 there were at least 5 calls between these friends checking where each one had reached. And sharp 930am she was downstairs to join her friends.
Thoughts pondered that I am so used to dropping and collecting her...and today or hereafter she will want to move on her own when it comes to such occasions. I could not resist the urge to go the balcony and watch her. I recollected seeing her as a toddler and now a fine young girl :)
I watched the group till they were out of my sight. I then went on to do my chores.

130pm she was back and then there was continuous 30 min commentary on what happened..right from which team they supported, how the goals were scored, how one guy leaped and fell, how other guy saved a goal...of dripping sweats and dust and the guys were smart and few good-looking and how all the girls cheered their favs....:) I kept listening to her narration and also realizing my daughter has stepped in teenage zone :) :) 

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