Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A thought...

I was watching this Marathi episode of Honaar Sun me hya gharchi (advantage of being sick & at home ;)

The lead girl made a nice statement. She has just started learning car with her husband and is extremely tensed about it. But at the same time, since he is very patient and teaching her well she is happy and excited to learn. What she says is as follows " As we grow older, we tend to take up things or hobbies which we know we have inclination at or we know we will be able to do as we are familiar with it. What you lose is the ability to do just about anything - just the way as kids we rare to do anything we like, whether we succeed at it or not. As we grow older, we lose that ability "

I felt this was quite interesting to note and share. Do you feel the same?

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