Sunday, 30 November 2014


Senoritas, do you do Self-Assessment? If yes, what are the take away-s?

  • What is your way of analyzing? 
  • Do you just think in head, write it, note it, or simply dont give it a thought at all? 
  • Does this speculation happen periodically or only when certain situations strike at you? 
  • After having concluded, what is your course of action?

Half Girlfriend...

Finished reading Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat. Not sure why I really picked this...perhaps hangover of 2 States was still hovering. In my opinion it is so-so story...takes you till the end though. Sometimes I feel he imagines a movie and then writes his characters :)
In it is...
  1. Famous College
  2. Famous girl
  3. Not so famous boy
  4. Family issue
  5. Happy ending

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Interesting insight from the doc

The lady doctor with whom we interacted for our Dengue case shared a very interesting thought. One of our close friends is getting married and she was down with viral. And she also needed to travel for her own wedding. We had taken her to this doc. So the doc asked, if your wedding is in next 3 days, what are you doing there? Why are you not at your home/or where the wedding is supposed to be? So my friend said, she will travel a day in advance and there are some last minute stuff pending.
The doc said, this is all your unconventional modern generation behavior. In olden times we had a ritual that a week prior to the wedding there was a puja held and thereafter the bride n groom were not allowed out of the house. Do you think it was just the ritual? It was done so that the bride and groom could rest well, avoid any untoward incident and generally entire family would gather together so work could be distributed and completed well in time.

I am sure our customs and rituals definitely have a logic and while we should adapt with the changing modern times, there are certain things we should learn from our past generations too.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Uncertain Life...

Our Admin AVP passed away yesterday..he was 54. So..why am I sharing this here? What do you have to do with this? I want to share the reality that hit me...not that we are not aware of uncertainties and deaths but this was shocking!

He was hail and hearty and live wire. The company had arranged a Marathon and there were 1500 participants. He was part of them. The entire leadership was present and participated to encourage the crowd. He was cheering all around and encouraging to run/walk. He himself was walking at brisk pace and must have walked hardly a km. He felt uneasy and sat at the pavement, still smiling broad and cheering participants....move move..he kept saying. There were paramedics, ambulances and doctors on run. He being AVP...he was asked several times if he is feeling fine and he said Yes...he is fine..he will go back to office.

In office cab he came to office...his cabin and received massive cardiac arrest. He was immediately taken to hospital but was declared dead on arrival. Life is so unpredictable. When I heard of this, I was uneasy for quiet a while. When he must have woken that morning, when he must have had tea, waved bye to his family (he does not have children) he must have had no idea this was his final bye...
He kept motivating people at Marathon...said keep moving.....little did he know that he was going to freeze for good.

We have so many plans and To Do stuff and we plan so many things we will do tomorrow or some other day and keep procrastinating...hardly we know when will be our last moment... live life to the fullest Senoritas...Kal ho na ho...

Talking and connects help...

While I mentioned about the Dengue story and some learning I had during the phase, one of it was a fresh perspective and outlook is sometimes so essential! While we three were typically moving around the same conversation about tests/dengue/how-r-u-feeling-now's/temp checks/medicines and struggle to get some food/fruits, Sweta and Siddha coming over for 2 days not only brought fresh perspective but also some energy since we were talking on varied topics.

Similarly, we connect a lot over phone/wats app and we exchange few things here and there. Have you realized how important they are? For that moment they give you totally new angle and point to think about. Our day to day routine is extremely busy.....I buy that......but these harmless...quick energy exchanges is so encouraging!!

Why do we always get under this carpet of being extremely busy with work/chores for days..weeks..months together? Why do we give up on something as refreshing as connects and talking to each other on the pretext of being occupied?

I am fortunate to have some heart to heart conversations with few of my buddies and that is on any topics..from daily updates to family/friends cribs and is always a refreshing insights and I strongly believe this talking and connect really contribute as food for thought....

Coming off age..

Had a nice tingling experience this Saturday. It was normal weekend where the household awakes generally late as compared to weekdays. But this Saturday, it was different. Sanam was up at 730am and was ready by 9am to leave for FOOTBALL match at School. I was still to overcome the thinking of when and where did Sanam get interested in Football??? Yeh kab hua types...
She had told me the previous day that all her friends were going to School to cheer the team for inter school matches.
Very casually sipping my tea I asked her what time do I need to drop and collect her. Pat came the reply.....Drop?? Mamma, please...I am going with my friends...I told you right...Srinidhi..Krithika....(list went on) will be all meeting in our complex and from here we will all go?
I was like...Oh ok....Yes..U did tell me!! Between 9 to 930 there were at least 5 calls between these friends checking where each one had reached. And sharp 930am she was downstairs to join her friends.
Thoughts pondered that I am so used to dropping and collecting her...and today or hereafter she will want to move on her own when it comes to such occasions. I could not resist the urge to go the balcony and watch her. I recollected seeing her as a toddler and now a fine young girl :)
I watched the group till they were out of my sight. I then went on to do my chores.

130pm she was back and then there was continuous 30 min commentary on what happened..right from which team they supported, how the goals were scored, how one guy leaped and fell, how other guy saved a goal...of dripping sweats and dust and the guys were smart and few good-looking and how all the girls cheered their favs....:) I kept listening to her narration and also realizing my daughter has stepped in teenage zone :) :) 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Came across this interesting Kitchen read...

In case any of you get your hands on this book......let me know!!

the kitchn Cookbook
Recipes, Kitchens & Tips to Inspire your Cooking

Sara Kate Gillingham & Faith Durand

How about you? Do you have a kitchen project in the works or a small little change you have recently made? Share in the comments with us!


 : Contents :

Setting up the Kitchen
Caring for your Kitchen
How to Cook Well
 Stocking the Pantry & Planning Meals
The Kitchn's Cook School (50 essential skills)

Here is a link where you can find/purchase this book:

the kitchn Cookbook
Recipes, Kitchens & Tips to Inspire your Cooking

A thought...

I was watching this Marathi episode of Honaar Sun me hya gharchi (advantage of being sick & at home ;)

The lead girl made a nice statement. She has just started learning car with her husband and is extremely tensed about it. But at the same time, since he is very patient and teaching her well she is happy and excited to learn. What she says is as follows " As we grow older, we tend to take up things or hobbies which we know we have inclination at or we know we will be able to do as we are familiar with it. What you lose is the ability to do just about anything - just the way as kids we rare to do anything we like, whether we succeed at it or not. As we grow older, we lose that ability "

I felt this was quite interesting to note and share. Do you feel the same?

Monday, 17 November 2014

Dengue and more

While most of you might have read the Chronicles of Dengue that covers the entire story of how we three went through this phase for last 2 weeks, (pasting link here for easy reference)..

There was lot of learning personally for me....not only pertaining to Dengue and its side-effects but everything and everyone around you...these are the times when you know what you mean to people around you..:)

Monday, 3 November 2014

Getting Back to Routine...

I had a short break from routine and tomorrow I set back in action with my known schedule. In most of my conversations with people, I have seen resentment in "getting back to routine". Why does this happen? I was thinking about it. 

When I go to office tomo, are they going to torture me..not at all? In fact once I am in office I am going to get in full swing at work. Then why do I make face at the beginning? Do they harass me? Not at all...I will have my friends, colleagues come to me and ask how was the vacation, what all I saw, I did..we all will have lunch together...have tea together...laugh..joke..give hi-fives...catch up on missed incidents, escalations, interesting stories and hear genuinely that you were what is the reason for me to say......ohhhh office from tomo :( Why from tomo :) :)

What is the theory behind this? When going on vacation, you are excited as you are not going to do what you otherwise do. So when you are back from vacation (always a short one) you still do what you were not doing for a short while. Where does the excitement disappear when you come back?? 
Has it just become a habit? Is it so imbibed on our minds, by our own actions and actions of all around us that all of us feel the same? So much so that even kids say....ohhhhh school from tomo...:I dont want to go mamma :( Lol....are they watching us and unknowingly we are imbibing on their minds too? If you had 10 months ka vacation and 2 months ka would it be? would we be bored of vacationing? 

Even talking to my neighbor, she was like...vacation over back to sad!!! Why was she feeling sad and making me feel more sad :) :) 

Getting back to routine is really that bad.........really that boring?? And best part is, in a day or two we dont further complain and get back to routine (we really have no choice there) then why crib??Sochne waali baat hai....

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Experience is the best teacher...

Many a times we make an image...perception about certain people. People we hear about, read about, where we have "limited" knowledge about...and we make up an image. It can be so misleading is something i learnt on set of Bigg Boss :) N i would have not understood this if I had not experienced it.

Bigg Boss is a reality show I like to watch as you get to understand how human's react under pressure test..staying under one roof for 100 days with other contestants who are "half-known" to you.

I had formed an image about Salman Khan..having read about his police cases jail..controversy..animal killing..multiple girl friends..creating ruckus outside aishwarya on and so forth. He has never been king at acting..but yes he has been hero of masses. So always an average guy...standard guy...rather so-so guy....

I was stunned at the following abilities Salman Khan displayed LIVE.
1) I believed Bigg Boss to be scripted for TRP ratings. But actually watching the shoot, he spoke for 3 hours NON-STOP...and Extempore. Thoughts just flew from one topic to other as he hosted the conversation.
2) It takes an intelligent mind to catch people at things they are saying "literally" and things they are hinting/tonting at. To be able to precisely read where the other person is leading you and counter him/her is marvel to watch as a show!
3) He has no make up fixes, touch ups and assistants running around airs about being STAR...he was giving serious work and effort and therefore earning his due money.
4) I was initially wrong at thinking that you get pampered as star...people attention and just have to come..give 2 liner shot and go and sit back in your vanity...and earn crazy money! Here I saw him tired...perhaps legs hurting as he was standing continuously for 3 hours (given that he is turning 50 this month), he had sip of diet coke just once..perhaps his throat might have dried up talking this long....he was pressing his eyes in between...and walking up n down thinking about discussions that was going on.
5) There is a knack to hold conversations...all cannot do it. And specially when you are a host, to keep the contestants involved, audience involved and so many viewers watching on national television, to keep them involved and excited about the shaping of show is amazing skill. To use right and impact-fully words without script is self technique and he displayed so well.
6) He must have definitely done his homework on what he is going to say, how to say...but there were no RE-TAKES, no rehersals....that was what impressed me.

No..pls dont think I am now Salman fan and going all weak in my knees :) But yes...I learnt that I had no right to form an opinion about a person and make general remarks about him without even knowing him. I agree U will not know every person on this earth, so you are bound to make an image about her/him with whatever information you get about them. BUT at-least I would not like to de-mean any one as FALTU going forward. That is my learning ...thank you Bigg Boss :)

Your personality changes with time...

Have you wondered what and how you were as a person 10 years back..20 years back as compared with today? I am sure all will say this is course of nature and as days progress, change in personality is bound to happen as every individuals learns and unlearns something every day! She/He will change as per the circumstances and evolve.

Ok...but now I have a specific question. I was thinking few days back, how I was as Ms Deshpande and how I am as Mrs Bhobe. So here I definitely have the process of evolution with time but if I was in the environment of "Deshpande's" all this while, would my thought process be like how it is today? If I was not in Bhobe family, would my thinking be the same or different?

Point is, how much of people you live with day to day influence your thinking?? I thought on this and I was able to classify some traits that I learnt being Bhobe...perhaps being Deshpande I would have not been exposed to that line of thinking. And there are some points in me which are specific because I come from Deshpande household and I would never experience them as being Bhobe. Very interesting exercise.....try giving it a thought :) :)