Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What do you do when.....

Have you come across a situation where you are actually "irritated" " angry" or "not liking someone's presence" but you are not able to directly say it to him or do you react??


  1. I have been in such situation many a times and my reaction depends on if he/she is close to me or not. If that person is close to me then most of the times my expression says it all and that person gets the hint and we either sort it out or she/he will give me my space for that moment. But if I hardly know that person then I either jellofy that person for that time or will just walk away from them.

  2. I have been in the situation many times too and I have on an average "put up" with the situation smilingly or with no comment or reaction. What I feel is that I should let people know I am not liking it. My body language should convey to the person (like Sweta mentioned).
    Sometimes I get upset and end up taking the anger on myself. I shud rather give it to the person causing it...subtly :)

  3. I have been in such a situations so many times that I have lost count of it.. Hehe...
    I feel it normally bothers you if the person is someone that we cannot avoid or have to be good to because of a relationship.
    At this stage of my life I can easily ignore those who are not very close to me , or who do not care for me. They do not have any effect on me.But we have to tolerate and be sweet to some who you like to avoid but cannot. You just cannot be the same with everyone.


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