Sunday, 19 October 2014

Reactions to common situation..

I was driving back home from office last evening and it was pouring heavily. Such heavy rains in OCT is always welcome as they come as sigh of relief! I would like to share what I observed and got me thinking...

There was a couple on scooter, middle aged...lady sitting behind with legs on both side..wearing salwar and short hair...must be middle aged..scanty but curly hair. Wearing Kurta with deep U cut at back. Since it was raining heavy, she had bent down in neck...taking hit of raindrops on her back and neck and head behind, trying to hide as much behind man's back.
At the side, were 2 girls on the bike, young, sitting behind was girl in jeans and kurta with long sleeves and had long hair...left open. Both the scooters were side by side and in driving in front of me. This is what I observed:

The lady was bending down as if not wanting to get wet, however it was raining heavy and there was no way she wudnt get drenched. The girl at the side, was totally soaking in the rain and was looking up with water hitting her all over. Contrast reactions to same situation :) Was it the age that made the difference? Was it the attitude to life? Was it the mood that was dominating..low & high? When you are in a situation where there is no escape but to get completely get drenched, why would someone still make a feeble attempt to hide? Would it be more "zindadili" to enjoy the rains as is? You anyways had no option but to get wet, might as well often do we wear this attitude?

Something to mull over...

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