Friday, 26 September 2014

Your impact on Indian Economy..give this a thought...

Read the below article and thoughts started hovering on how I could contribute in my own way to the Indian economy...I am seriously giving this a try....I donno if I am prepared yet to be Poorna Swadeshi...but long journey start with small steps right? :)

For now, may be I can replace soap, toothpaste, shampoo and household products....and eventually move on to other stuff IF I FIND IT EFFECTIVE ...

More than 30,000 crore rupees of foreign exchange are being siphoned out of our country on products such as cosmetics, snacks, tea, beverages, etc which are grown, produced and consumed here. A cold drink that costs only 70 / 80 paisa to produce is sold for nine rupees, and a major chunk of profits from these are sent abroad. This is a serious drain on Indian economy.

Coke advertisement says: ‘Jo chaho hojaye, Coca Cola enjoy’. Well, you can consider some of the better alternatives to aerated drinks. You may drink lemon juice, fresh fruit juices, chilled lassi (sweet or sour), butter milk, coconut water, jaljeera, Enerjee, masala milk. Everyone deserves a healthy drink, including you!

Over and above all this, economic sanctions have been imposed on us. We have nothing against multinational companies, but to protect our own interests we request everybody to use Indian products only for next two years. With the rise in petrol prices, if we do not do this, the rupee will devalue further and we will end up paying much more for the same products in the near future.

What you can do about it?

1. Buy only products manufactured by wholly Indian companies.
2. Enroll as many people as possible for this cause.

Each individual should become a leader for this awareness.

This is the only way to save our country from severe economic crisis. You don’t need to give-up your lifestyle. You just need to choose an alternate product.

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  1. Madhavi that is very bookish going by that article we should not buy anything from MNCs.
    No Colgate, Pepsodent only meswak or vicco vajradanti, Himalaya . We use Meswak .
    First that we will have to do is sell all samsungs , nokias , blackberrys and so on . Buy on TATA, Mahindra cars not even Maruti.
    Do away with Davidoffs , Mabeline . Use only eyetex kajal Blossom Kochar Shehnaz Hussain.
    No vero moda M& S . replace it with Fabindia, BiBa .And what about google , Facebook, whatsapp
    List is endless and it is very much a debatable article . The practical issues to this article can be discussed at length when we meet.

  2. Article is a thought Dips...we need not go cent percent word by word. We can add our judgement to it. For ex, I will not say stop driving a Ford and start with TATA or stop buying Zara clothes and go for Suti clothes. We can apply our distinction right...we need not go extreme.

    For example, will LAKME lip colour not work instead of Maybeline? Will Biba, or Haute Curry or AND, ALLEN SOLLY (yes Allen Solly is Madura Garments manufactured in India) clothes not work at all?
    We are anyways not Starbucks, Mac D, KFC die hard fans....we will happily survive on Shivsagar or Kamaths :)
    Whether you use Brown & Polson custard powder or Rexx..does it matter? Custard powder is powder at the end that gives us same result right?
    Are you fanatic about Haagen Dazz icecream? Amul and Kwality Icecreams work for us right?
    TAGHUER will have its own tag and Titan RAGA will have its own charm (Katrina doing the branding)..both watches show TIME :)
    That is my take. Where ever we can make a difference why not?? Boond Boond sagar bane!!

  3. No Madhavi it is difficult, because at the end quality does matter. Like Amul and Kwality ice creams rarely work. But yes we have Naturals. But not always does Lakme work.
    Clothes for me since I only wear Indian - it's all swadeshi. But for Rutu I have to go for foreign brands. Like wise there are so many items which we are more inclined to buy foreign brands - not because we have been bitten by the brand bug, but simply because the quality, the style and the designs are far much better.
    Frankly we need to improve to a great extent if we need to promote Buy Indian.

  4. There is always a beginning is what I feel. I agree with you that our kids or family or friends may not buy Indian products...but here we are talking about US....about You & Me. It is up to us...IF we WANT to we can choose compulsion..But it is possible is all I want to say. I did grocery shopping for the month yest and bought soaps, toothpaste, shampoo biscuits and few other products that are produced by Indian Company. This is the first time I made conscious effort and I am happy about it :)

  5. Heyyyyy, I did my first contribution to the Indian economy. For Sanam, I got homemade chocolates over her favorite foreign chocolates and I am pretty sure she equally relished them. Infact I also specially ordered the orange flavoured chocolates for you over your Linth Orange. One boondh to the big ocean.

  6. Absolutely Sweta..loved the choc!! I am a big fan of Intense Orange chocolate from Lindt but I equally loved the ones you got :) And yes, that is the contribution :)

  7. I had read about quality standards being stringently followed in the western countries and they reject what is sub standard . Where does this "sub standard " go ,? The manufacturing companies have categories of their products as per the standards check of the country where they export . So do not go gooey over things because they are imported . You may even come across some labels saying made for EU markets and so on... I had got a perfume while on out of country holiday , when I got the same in India there was definite difference . A foreign brand clothing not lasting long is another example . The recent study that the foreign car manufacturers have different set of standards in India is another example.
    So buying things because they are imported and Indian things are not of good quality is improper. Vicco and Dabur products are exported on large scale check them out.


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