Thursday, 4 September 2014

Vacation destination in India?

Which are your favorite holiday spots in India, places you may want to go again and again...places you havent been but plan to go some day....please do share 2 such vacation get-away... 


  1. Hi
    The blog looks really lovely this colour being my favorite..
    When it comes to going for a vacation , I prefer to go south of India or the coastal India .
    Kerala and Goa are two places where I love to go to any time of the year.
    Kunnur and Udipi are two places on my wish list.

  2. Panhala, Coorg and Nainital are my favourite places in India. Come to think of it , we have hardly seen any thing of India. But you love to visit those places again where u have had good time earlier. It maybe the company, the food and the climate that makes the vaccation worthwhile.

  3. Thanks Reshma Bhabhi!

    Kashmir has been on my mind ...never been there but surely want to visit. Amritsar is another place I WANT to go.....Golden temple vich mattha teke bagair saanu chen na aawanga (I am telling you all, I must have been Punju in my pichla janam...rab di sau)

  4. Delhi, Kashmir and Bekal are the 3 places I would like to visit sometime soon. Also Kerala and its backwaters.

  5. I have a long wish list of places i want to visit.. but ladakh is my favourite.


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