Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Manipulations and conveniences :)

You must have come across situations where you must have seen practices, rituals being manipulated as per the convenience. For ex: Coconut used in Puja were to be used to make something sweet and to be distributed to all as prasad. With times, we conveniently accept that coconut can be used in regular meals just that it should not be used for cooking non-veg meal :) Some may go step beyond and say veg or non veg, how does it matter. You can use coconut as you wish....

What is your take?  


  1. You are so right , I know that these are the things that happen . In my home when I get a coconut I think of what sweet I can do with it.. but many times it does not happen so the next best thing is using it for a veg dish.
    But I also feel that its always better to eat the coconut then throw it out as a sweet or veg dish could not be made.
    We have seen that the rituals in marriages have changed drastically over time.People prefer to have a quick marriage than to go through the whole long and lengthy process.I also feel that people used to follow certain customs more out of fear and habit than actually believing in them.
    Life is getting faster and ladies who used to do only household work earlier are going out and doing much more than what they used to , I feel that we have to find a convenient option to rituals making sure it does not hurt the sentiments of those who believe in them.

  2. Basically, the rituals in itself were a whole lot of manipulations. Who decided that a coconut or any other thing has to be offered to God? I am not an atheist, I have full faith in God, what I donot believe is rituals, which are hand-me-downs. I have my poojas, but I do them -my way.

  3. Lovely!! We are on track with the topic. Yes, let us do what we believe without hurting anyone's sentiment

  4. I don't believe in age old rituals and i agree with Reshma bhabhi that it is better to use the coconut then to throw it out. Again most of these rituals were done ages back and now, they need to be modified to suit our needs.

  5. I do believe in some rituals. But the coconut i get as a prasad from puja . I always use it in any veg in Puja we always prepare veg food.

  6. I usually use this prasads coconut to prepare sol kodi.


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