Sunday, 14 September 2014

Get ready for the contest!!

Senoritas...we have an interesting numbers again!! Below is how our dashboard looks like...Not bad kya....very good hai :) By below you have an average posting of 30 topics a month i.e one topic a day! Good na?:)
So here it is....when we touch 100 posts, I will do some analyses on 1) maximum number of postings made, 2) maximum comments made, 3) maximum comments received in 100 entries and the winners will get a surprise gift. We will choose the winner with mutual agreement.

Every game has to have a caveat and this also will have :) The deal is I will not post new comments from now till we reach it is purely upto YOU now to make it to glorious 100!!!!!!

Geared up? Let's go!!!! Let us hit a century!!!!


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  1. My postings will depend on what's the prize. :)


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