Sunday, 14 September 2014

Emails in your Inbox....

Pratima Bhabhi....this one is for you...thanks for asking that question as to what I meant when I said number of emails in your inbox tells the personality type. So here it is:
The saying goes that you should clear your emails regularly, it is sign of discipline and also talks about you as a person. You may have multiple accounts..Official, Gmail, Yahoo, may clear some regularly, some periodically. Naturally you may choose to respond on your office account promptly but say Gmail can be weekly or hotmail monthly or more.....
When you keep all your accounts up to date on daily basis, you are perfectly balancing. Expert at it!
When you do that within weeks time, you are good and can do better. And anything more than that, you are procrastinator :) And this does not apply only to emails, this applies to your attitude in all aspect of life.
I had read the above context and hence had posted that on our blog :)

So all of you, get back to checking "pending" status of all things you must do and get towards better you :)

Have a great week ahead All!

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