Sunday, 21 September 2014

Debate Series - 2

For those who have seen Guru is the debatable question:

Was Poornima's decision to ask for career over child right in the context of the movie?

Looking forward to know your views..


  1. Well if you ask me. When one decides to go in for a child you should be ready mentally to accept the responsibility of a child. In this movie she was not ready to go in for a baby she wanted to wait and give her career a chance but she gave in to make her husband and mother in law happy. But she did have a choice she could have made her family understand rather than go in for a baby and then make the baby suffer for no mistake of the child. It makes two to give life to a child so she cannot blame her husband totally. And agreed she wasnt ready for the child but once she conceived she should have stood by her decision and brought up the child rather than disown it

  2. I feel Poornima was right in giving priority to her career. She was at the peak of her career and motherhood at that stage was indeed a wrong decision. Secondly, she was asking for only 2 or 3 years more and that was justified. But yes, she shouldn't have come under pressure from her husband and she should have struck by her decision not to have a baby. Hating the baby and disowning her was not the right thing to do.

  3. Very well put Uma and Sweta...agree with you. Does anybody disagree with this view point?

  4. Uma has put it forward very rightly, that it takes two to make a child.
    Many a times we do take decisions under pressure which we sometimes later regret, but the next decision after that is more crucial. The step taken by Poornima to leave the house and child was obvious but then again she kept the grudge alive, she should have let things go, and should have made things happy for her, but seeing how glum she was - makes us feel that she made a wrong decision

  5. Well said senoritas . Once you make a decision under pressure have the guts to live up to it . Do not have a grudge because you just do not make an unhappy individual but also spoil it for others .
    Poornima 's case neither her mind nor heart was in it and she blamed everyone else except herself for the child.
    She was right in not wanting the baby but wrong in blaming the innocent child .


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