Monday, 8 September 2014

Compulsory disorder :)

Is there anything you insist as "Compulsory" action/reaction in your daily ? For example , seeing your child/husband off at the door (now that we have grown ups, school and college may not be applicable) but is it like compulsory?

Particular habits like having rice to complete your meal sometimes is compulsory disorder. People do not feel they had a complete meal if they have not had a spoonful of rice...watching movie with popcorn is like compulsory disorder for few and

Husband has to say I love U too compulsory for few :) :)

Whats your take in such disorders? Do you know of any, you have any??


  1. Yes, I have a few . 1. All the members to have meals together, (whenever they are at home). 2. All meals to be on the dinning table only, no books, newspapers and tv allowed. 3. Everyone should eat all the items made/served. ( I sound like a bit of a dictator, no? But these rules just happened and we all are happy to follow them. )
    And well for the I love u part, I will just be happy even if my husband says that just once in my life time. :) :)

  2. Hahaha Bhabhi....for the "I love U" part, even I would vouch the statement you made to be the same in my case as well!!
    I appreciate what you follow. That is not the case at our place. We do have dinner together...but it is while watching TV most of the times as that is the only span we find to watch TV together.

    1) We do not watch soap serials on TV
    2) We watch only reality shows together, we watch lot of English and Discovery shows
    3) We have to watch movies in Theatres
    4) No rush rush on Sunday...all moves at peace pace
    5) We all do monthly grocery together

    Above are some habits that have become compulsory in our home

  3. Madhavi, we donot watch tv for two reasons : 1. We discuss all our days happenings on the table, ( you'll be amazed how much everyone has to tell) 2. Food gets it's due share of appreciation.
    Also TV is almost a non existent entity in our house.

  4. Madhavi, it's nice u guys watch reality shows, watching right shows are so informative, helps to keep u in touch with the outside world which we do not come across in our daily life.

    As two the second part, I would love to know which of our Senoritas have a la' Sharukh khan for a husband. Or even Amitabh from Baghban

  5. Yes Bhabhi, I agree with what you said about having meal at the table. That was practice followed at my mom's place. But as for us, I totally agree that there is loads to be told once you are back from respective work area. We generally do that before dinner and also while watching TV, we have discussions and debates over stuff shown on news or the program we watching that time. It is not like we are glued to TV in silence but discussions other than work happen that time. Dinner and continued time will be like about an hour max.
    Also I do get my share of comments on food as to barre zhala, aaz khaas jau na, sometimes mith chad zhaale, sometimes masala kami padlo and sometimes Masterchef mago tu.........heheheeh

  6. Well, I have plenty of such disorder.....and many discussed on top are applicable to me. Yes, I like a good night kiss from Samah and Siddha (he has no choice) and also a good night message from Siddha when he is not around. I will make his life miserable the next day if he forgets any of these things. Also I want a salad, vegetable, some pulses and a chapati in mine and Samah's lunch. Also having 2 different types of fruits per day is a must.

  7. Another compulsive disorder is my Saturday visit to Nerul, Caesar's bath and then dinner out with Siddha and Samah.


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