Tuesday, 16 September 2014

An Embarrassing Situation

Hello Senoritas. I recently got into a slightly embarrassing situation at a Pharmacy. I had gone to get Sanitary napkins and just before I could ask of it, a guy (very smart looking) walked in. I meet him at my gym regularly and must be just out of college. He hello-ed me and then I didn't know how to order for the pads. There was no one else besides just the two of us. I then didn't want to ask for the pads and ended up buying cough syrup. My reaction would have been different had it been a more elderly guy or a stranger. I later thought over it and found it to be very stupid. I would like to know how you ladies would have reacted in such a situation?


  1. Sweta I truly agree I wouldnt have been able to ask for pads either. I guess i would buy something or pretend to read the contents of some cough syrup and wait for that guy to go and then buy . Or maybe ask brand name like can you show mewhisper or watever.
    This reminds me of an incident which happened about 6 months back. I was buying my monthly grocery at the local mall and Arya and Diya were with me usually I pick up my sanitary pads at the sametime.So i picked up one pack of the pads and dropped it in my shopping cart. Arya asked me " mamma what is that" I told her " its mamma's diaper" she immediately picked it up and loudly told Diya who was in the other corner on the room " Diya Diya look Mamma's Diaper" and all people around started looking at us and then they started laughing. I was so embarressed and I didnt know where to look...god it was really bad

  2. Hahhaha...Sweta, Uma, it sure is hilarious and gets you into that odd situation :) Well i have not come across this situation. Guess I ask straight for Whisper in the pharmacy and if at all there are people around, most of the times they are strangers. But I wonder I too wud be embarrassed if I knew the person particularly a guy.....
    Reading your situation sure brought smile to me :)

  3. Totally hilarious , to avoid this situation I always buy the sanitary napkins in the supermarkets.
    But then the situation arises when Jai or Juhi sees them ... even I have told them that these are diapers and they find it funny that i need diapers even now.


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