Sunday, 17 August 2014

Your it good or not so good...

I want to put forth a very serious question:

Sometimes out of your good mind you do something for less fortunate...have you given it a thought if it is indeed good for them? For may get some food stuff (Bourbon biscuits, Silk choc, Burgers or Milk shakes, juices and so on) for kids of extremely poor conditions that they themselves may not be able to afford. You do this with the thought that poor kids..they will never get to eat this in their life. So why dont we give them that pleasure and make them happy for the day at least for having eaten that they never knew of !

What can happen is: 1) Those children may demand it from their parents and obviously their parents will not buy them bourbon..max may be glucose biscuits...not Silk but peppermints may be...have we struck wrong cord?
2) Does it instigate a child to desire..want something out of his reach and make them rebel OR depressed at his poverty state?
3) You may argue saying that since they will never get to experience this, you gave them this opportunity and gave them moment of joy. So because of above reason, should we deprive them of one time pleasure? What is wrong in it? You and I can think and understand One time pleasure....does the child has the capacity to understand that? You do this as you also derive pleasure in it and feel "Wow..I did something good for them" Have you really? Could you have done something else..which is more consistent perhaps??

So what does that mean? We don't give them chocolates, pastry at all?? What can you do here and how can you balance?

You may also say..."Madhavi...chad vichar karta...dont think so much :) " Well...this is not my thought alone...but a real experience I am putting forth. :)


  1. Madhavi, any person who gets things beyond his reach without any efforts is definitely not advisable. You may definitely give him the basic necessities - but nothing more - and even his basic necessities should be given to him not as charity but in return for some work done - let him earn it - only does he realises the value of what is given to him.
    This is exactly which brings me back to my earlier apprehensions about receiving gifts. Then there you all had mentioned that we pass the gift to the less fortunate ones - like our bai's - but do they really deserve the hoards of clothes or utensils or purses - or footwear's that we pass on to them? We are really not making any great "ahasan" on them by giving them what we don't want - but we are actually spoiling them. Instead - what you do Madhavi is the right thing - teaching the street kids. yes definitely do that - or give them a job - or pay their fees - something that really helps. Rest let them earn it.

  2. I have different view on this. I agree with what Pratima Bhabhi says, but also indulging this less fortunate kids with some out of their reach stuff once in a while is also not wrong and I wont mind doing it. We too do that for our kids once in a while and its not that they then ask for it everyday. I dont know whether this charity will have adverse effect on them but that moment when they get those things, the smile on their face makes you feel so happy for your deed. Also our kids learn the concept of giving and they also learn to value what they have.


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