Sunday, 17 August 2014

Your Email account...

How many emails are in your Inbox...Read & Unread. How many folders do you have you in your email box ( Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail any account/s that you may be using)?

Based on your answers you will unveil some things not known to you :)


  1. Hmmm, Haven't really counted them, but my Inboxes are regularly sorted out, I have a few folders like - bank statements, Anu Mails(these contain mails from my best friend), leisure mails (mails that I would like to have - and would enjoy reading anytime in future too) and a couple more. Other wise I generally delete anything that I don't find worth retaining almost immediately. I just have two accounts - yahoo and gmail. Like to keep my life pretty simple from my end, (hahaha)

  2. I have never really taken the effort to count the mails. I also dont categorise my inbox....just the basic folders. But all mails in the inbox are read almost instantly.


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