Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wreck your language....

Senoritas.....let us tease our grey cells a bit :) Can you list down 5 words (either in Konkani or Marathi) which you think are not in use now but it was and is part of our language. Let us see how much we think we know our language. And if someone on the group already knows it, then that word will be cut off.
For ex: Kurkut in Konkani is Niche in the wall...most of you may be knowing it but we do not use it in our daily conversation.....
Let us see who gets 5 such words !!


  1. I will give you some words in konkani and see if anyone can get their meanings
    Chiqur pir
    Aados , aasor
    This is what I can think of will add when I remember may be in the jornal

    1. I think lurav means the preparation u give a sick person.
      An ados is is like to hide/ stand behind something.
      I will give u in Marathi :
      Valchan, latkodga. Konada

    2. BHABI bang on u r absolutely correct about aados , lurav is actually rava and when you do the lurav kadavap that becomes the preparation for sick or even the infant 's first foods.

    3. For Marathi Madhavi helpppp ...... . in Konkani there is a word konade /kurgunti karun nidap meaning curling up like snake . Do not know if it means the same in Marathi.

  2. I am not the one to comment here.. as I have a extremely polluted Konkani vocabulary
    But as this question has come up I would like to know if these words are used in the daily lanquage that Goans speak


    I have heard these words but never used them nor have heard them being used often so pls tell me..

  3. Pretty much Reshma bhabhi....i have heard these words in our household n quite common....infact zanel almar is something i also use everytime.
    More in that list is vistit..ferr..misturaat..

  4. Reshma Bhabi these words which you and Madhavi mentioned are all taken from Portuguese
    Now the meanings of the balance words
    Chiqur pir is Cup and saucer
    Annathi is measure used in the kitchen like we now use 1 cup of say rice ...
    Aasor is immediately after a heavy shower .


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