Saturday, 2 August 2014

What is your Emotional Quotient ?

How much do you allow your emotions to rule you ?

Many a times we think with our heart more than our head. Our emotions play an important part when we take decisions. Sometimes we take some decisions against our will so as not to hurt the opposite person. How good is that ? Should we think be selfish and think about us first or should we be selfless ?


  1. Bhabhi...wonderful thought provoking question!

    I think about this one very often and what i have concluded is as follows:
    1) If being selfless does NOT agitate You or disturb you (with respect to that situation ofcourse) selfless and give in to accommodate the other person. You and that person and the situation will be lot better. Pleasure of seeing some be happy because of you is wonderful.....BUT
    2) If being selfless and putting yourself on back burner is going to HURT you...pls be practical and think with your head. Hopefully the other person will understand, if not you can also perhaps explain what makes you take the decision you took.
    By doing this, you will avoid internal "ghusmat" if i can say. There is then no room for regrets.

    As rightly said by you, many a times we take emotional decisions to accommodate others over ruling our own preferences. If that person takes cognizance of it, well and gud for you and he/she may not keep such expectations always. But there can be times that you may have to repeatedly give in as that person does not see your selflessness (not always their fault though). Such situations may make you feel angry and frustrated that suppressing your choice or preference was foolish and wish you had said in first place what was in your mind. That tussle is painful.

    So I guess depending on the circumstances and your own ability to accept your own decisions, you can take a call whether to give in OR be practical and say your thoughts through your head.

  2. Yes Madhavi, that's true, as to what one should do, but what is the real u when it comes to taking decisions.
    I am totally governed by emotions. I think more abt the other person.any a times I do experience ghusmat but it's that way.


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