Saturday, 16 August 2014

What is in the name?

Dear Senoritas,

Do you know what does your name mean? Do you think there is any co-relation in why you as an individual get that particular name? :)


  1. Well from what my parents told me that before i was born they had decided that if its a girl it will be UMA cos
    U stands for Usha ( my moms name)
    M stands for Mohan ( my dads name) and A for Arvind ( my brother's name)
    so Being the youngest and the most ladki of all my name was made up of all my family members...

  2. I asked my parents not the meaning but who suggested that , it seems it was my eldest mami . Here I of course refer to my maiden name Sandipa . From what I googled it means light or source of light . It is not a very common name and a usually a PunjabI name .

  3. My name was decided by my dad. My mamas had named me "Kavita" but dad made Madhavi as the only and official name. Its meaning is "Intoxicating" (derived from sweet nectar) and it also means "Creeper" in some reference.
    I hope to imbibe the meaning to its core :)

  4. My aaji wanted to name me after her mother, Shevate bai. Mumma came with a modified version Sweta, which also means fair. But over a course of time, people have started calling me Shweta and I too introduce me like that. This happened mainly because my primary school was a convent and there, no one could pronounce it properly. I too got so used to the distorted version of my name and Shweta was born.


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