Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Repeat Moments....

Senoritas....can you share few of your fav moments with someone in the FAMILY (pls keep away Couple and Mother-Child moments)...something that brings cheer to you and you would definitely like to repeat those? :)  
(It can be with Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, In-Laws, Uncles, Aunties or CO-SISTERS like us ;) )


  1. Oooh!!!! so many lovely people - so many memories - but I'll pen down memories which are close to my heart -
    First one about Baba (my F-I-L) It was a few years after my marriage - Infact I think Varoon was already there - so it must be about 4-5 years after my marriage - It was my birthday - (at our place birthdays are a day of least importance) - so sometime during the breakfast - baba came to know that it was my birthday. After breakfast I got busy getting ready for office - suddenly i noticed Baba was not at home - so I asked Aai "where is baba" she too was unaware as to where he went. He generally wouldn't go out in the mornings - so we were like wondering as to where he could have gone.
    Later as I was about to leave for office - Baba came - with Mithai and a Veni - for me. Soooo Sweet of him. (He had gone all the way to station to pick up this for me for my birthday" I relished the methai - but wondered how can I wear the veni on my bob cut hair.
    Wasn't that nice of him ? Madhavi - if this is not pampering then I don't know what is ? Baba loved both of us (Padmini bhabhi and me) very very dearly - Infact more than he loved his own daughter.
    There is one more memory of Baba I would like to share - A few weeks after I got married I picked up some viral fever - thought it was not much - I was like all aaah! and ooooh! I probably was behaving like - oh my god, I am going to die!!! That day Baba sat next to me and nursed me - with cold packs on my forehead, till the fever dropped down.
    Baba was a Gem of a Person. (I truly miss him)

    The other one person who touched my heart was Mrs. Chavan - one of my early client.
    It was the time when I was expecting Varoon, It was during my early pregnancy days - hardly anyone knew abt my condition.
    I was on her site that day - we were designing her bungalow - part of it was completed and other part was in progress. I was there explaining the design to the carpenter when suddenly the whole world started going round for me - I was feeling dizzy - to stop myself from falling down - I gripped the railing near by and stood still for a while - all around me knew - something was wrong. Mrs Chavan realised my condition - smiled and offered me some water. In some time I was back to work.
    We had completed the kitchen but since Mrs. Chavan hadn't really moved in - it was not totally functional. Inspite of that she cooked a sumptuous meal for me - Puri Bhaji, shrikhand and pickle.
    After I was done with my work - she literally force fed me. (just like some elder sister would do) the love with which she did that - was really amazing.
    Though she did not pay me all of my fees in the end - I really didn't mind it - I still cherish the memory of that lunch even today.


  2. Lovely Bhabhi, was all smiles reading:) Yes, we are those fortunate “Suno” who are pampered by more than one in our families. Unfortunately not many get to experience such love in their sasurwadi:) (will touch upon this some other time)

    For now I will share my experience and moments I would want to repeat over and over again :) Like you said there are many but I will mention few very close to my heart…

    First one goes with Sweta :) This was in 99-2000 when we had just set up in Pune and Sweta and I at home watched Anda Apna Apna movie!!! My goodness, you won’t get an idea of the way we laughed and laughed watching that movie :) :) We defined ROFL (rolling on floor laughing ) literally!!! With tears flowing and "pot dharun" haasli…the thing was we would look at each other and laugh……even today if I recollect, it brings broad smile  We have seen many comedy movies together but that day and movie was something different 

    My another fav moment is during Chavath. Generally as you all know it is hustle bustle with lot of guests visiting for Ganapati and we all are pretty active in kitchen, after wonderful family meal generally all go to catch up afternoon nap. Most of the times, it is me and Dips who do not sleep in afternoon and we sit in chauki chatting. I love that and then comes that one wonderful Repeat moment…I had just mentioned to her once that I will love if someone offered me tea…in daily course (not like when we visit) and that she recollects and when she is around afternoon generally she makes the Tea….I will love to keep repeating this moment 

    One incidence that I cannot repeat but is memorable for me is the maid we had Mira bai, she was a hydrabadi. She had done my hairstyle at my wedding (yes…I had not gone to parlour to get ready for my own wedding) and she had come to show me how she wud décor my hair with flowers. When on such trial, I saw her wearing a simple but cute earring (like a chakli shape) and I said Bai, bohot acha hai earring…she instantly removed that and gave me..I said I wont take the earring…it was nice and I told her so…she said “tereku itnaach de sakti…aur dil se pasand aaya toh rakh lo..mera gifat…khus raho   She passed away after few years of marriage…but that earring was special to me. Unfortunately I lost it in shifting. Very few selfless souls we see na 

    Another incident I want to narrate is of Sudha kaki..very early into my marriage (abt 6 months) Siddhesh had gone to US and I was in Nerul for those few days. One evening I made dahi wada for all. Everyone had but I had put very less salt in the wadas and they were “alni”. I recollect Baba teasing me, aamcho aagor aasa mhanun jaana mago tu? Hahahhaha…but the gist of telling this when Sudha kaki went back to Mumbai and Siddhesh arrived at Tilak Nagar..she told him I had made awesome wadas   Siddhesh when he came to Pune told me Kaki was praising the dahi wadas u made  I asked her later that wadas were alni and u told Siddhesh they were awesome? So she said, tuven ummedin kele and aani bare amka haadun haathan dile..thode mith kami zhale mhan kharab jay na…tuzhi ummed aavadli…te saangle siddheshak 
    A simple gesture on her part…but that made a memory for me.

    Anyways coming back to repeat memories, be it the barbeque parties we have (self cooking ones) and festives where all the ladies cooking and entire family having it together is my fav repeat moment…this should go on for the next generation too 

  3. Madhavi -Your salt kissa - makes me mention this abt my in-laws.
    Chandan is very vocal about the food prepared. In my early years - namak sometimes would be more or sometimes less - actually marginally - but Chandan would make a great fuss abt it. But my MIL would reprimand him each time - if it was less - she would say "Kay harkat na - kami barech asta arogyak" and if was more she would say " Avay! he kidech na - Bhadarkara gher tanka kitle mith lagta re "
    (I would have plenty of support from my MIL and FIL)

  4. Hey Madhavi dont you worry about the Cuppa of tea .............. Will have plenty.......
    But I want a repeat moment of the so called traditional ragging moment of the Bhobe suns, where you guys made me sing ....... the memory of it makes me smile even now.

  5. PRATIMA, MADHAVI .. so well written ...(thumbs up...)I could feel what you felt.. Masta...


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