Friday, 1 August 2014

Naag Panchami....

Senoritas....since we spoke about holy Shravan month and various days followed in there, i thought of sharing with you the overview of things I have seen in my chidhood and my understanding of its significance.

Today is Naag Panchami, typically devoted to worship the snakes. Snake is also associated with Shiv and hence it is like worshiping him as well. People made snake idols from either sand or kanik or mud. Eventually it was replaced with print on paper. You do puja of this and naivedya is dudh and lhaaya. And yes ladies would put mehendi and fast :)

As you may be aware that there is mythological story for each day of Shravan. I do not recollect all but I do recollect few which my grandma would tell us. The story of Naag Panchami is as follows: A farmer had two sons and while sloughing in of whom killed three snakes. The mother of the snake took revenge on the same night by biting the farmer, his wife and two children and they all died. The farmer’s only daughter, survived as she was married off. So snake decides to kill her and her husband as well. When the snake reaches there, it observes that this girl was doing puja of Naag although she was grieved by the death of her parents and brothers, she pleaded before the mother snake with an offering of a bowl of milk and requested for forgiveness. The snake was mellowed by this and turned into garland of flowers in the puja kalash.

Scientifically if you ask me, during these rainy days since water get seeped into earth, snakes have to come out of their holes and hence we would see them in abundance. With the fear of they attacking human, perhaps it was thought that humans could worship them. And technically if any snake did bite human, then it was adjudged that, that person might have done something wrong in life!! Sigh :)

And quick reference to Shravan Somwar- I will mention the story separately but every Somwar has Shiva mooth. Last Monday it was Rice. Coming Monday it is Til. You can refer to Kalnirnay for this info.

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