Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hi Senoritas 
As August has started our dear Senoras Madhavi and Reshma Bhabi will not be putting up any questions . I was always looking forward to at least read their interesting questions  though I  have not been a regular in answering them with the same eagerness.So thank you both for getting us out and making us think on different things and more importantly making us write them . 
Well now lets us all see in a year how much pages we fill with our musings.......


  1. Hey Dips...isnt this the place you went to in Coorg....AWESOME is too simple a word to define the pic ya.....simply simply love it!!!!!!! And what you described was just perfect you know...a cup of tea or coffee and reading your fav book in that place.....wat a vacation.....Marvel:)

  2. And yes, pls keep posting your thoughts and little moments that made a difference :)

  3. Ya Madhavi it is . pic takes me to the times of once upon time deep in the jungle .....

  4. Thanks Deepa ,
    for the appreciation , It was a pleasure.
    Just because the questions have stopped does not mean that we should stop our sharing and interactions.. I am sure each one of us get this idea , where we realize a thing or two about life.. lets share that with each other.


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