Sunday, 24 August 2014

Give this a thought !!

If you have been a part of a general conversation - many a times you must have heard "amchya velela asa nhavta" or " we used to do this and that" or " how we saved every penny and lived happily"
True our earlier generation had very sparse resources, whereas our generation were better off than them. Todays generation is still far better placed than we are. Comparison can happen between two things with similar circumstances, When the circumstances are totally different why do we compare the two generations? Are we not responsible in creating the next generation? They are moulded by none other than us - then why do we blame them or rather criticise them when they behave differently? Why does the earlier generation expect the next one to behave exactly the way they did? 
Reshma. Smruti and myself are at the moment exactly in the middle of two generations (which think independently) the rest of you will soon catch up. So what do we do?

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  1. Very true...
    We cannot comment on the comparison that was or is been made by our previous generation with us. But whether we should do it with next generation is in our hand.

    I feel basically we want our next generation to realize and value what they have today. Since we have only given them those liberties on one hand, on the other we want them to acknowledge the "good times" given by US to them. In short recognize the good life which is given to them by us....we want that acknowledgement I feel.
    It is only when we see that they are taking things for granted '(like kids saying - we need to upgrade phone or vehicle or so on...) we feel they are taking things for granted. As suddenly we want them to realize the hard-work we put to get there.

    As you said rightly, we tell them fundas of how we used computer for the first time perhaps in office or at computer classes whereas we only ensure we have either a laptop or desktop at home for their convenience. So who got them that? Then why blame them?
    If they have mobile phones at age of 5 and if they travel in car as compared to our bus/train OR if they vacation out of station while vacation for us was Mama chya ghari and atya chya ghari....they have been fortunate to have that life and we have strive hard to give them that life.
    We need to consciously tell ourselves that our children or next generation should learn to value what they have but not by comparing with what we had.


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