Sunday, 24 August 2014

Give this a thought !!

If you have been a part of a general conversation - many a times you must have heard "amchya velela asa nhavta" or " we used to do this and that" or " how we saved every penny and lived happily"
True our earlier generation had very sparse resources, whereas our generation were better off than them. Todays generation is still far better placed than we are. Comparison can happen between two things with similar circumstances, When the circumstances are totally different why do we compare the two generations? Are we not responsible in creating the next generation? They are moulded by none other than us - then why do we blame them or rather criticise them when they behave differently? Why does the earlier generation expect the next one to behave exactly the way they did? 
Reshma. Smruti and myself are at the moment exactly in the middle of two generations (which think independently) the rest of you will soon catch up. So what do we do?


With so many things flooding the market and a comparatively better financial state makes us buy things on impulse. We end up buying a lot many things than we actually set out to buy. The result of this is overflowing wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and a stuffy refrigerator. Have you realised that having too much stuff in your cupboard also eats up your time as you have to regularly organise it.
Can we stand back and evaluate - do we need sooo much stuff ? How can we keep a check on ourselves ? 
Have you ever wondered just how many things you have which you haven't used for years, and probably you even aren't aware that they exist ?

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Your it good or not so good...

I want to put forth a very serious question:

Sometimes out of your good mind you do something for less fortunate...have you given it a thought if it is indeed good for them? For may get some food stuff (Bourbon biscuits, Silk choc, Burgers or Milk shakes, juices and so on) for kids of extremely poor conditions that they themselves may not be able to afford. You do this with the thought that poor kids..they will never get to eat this in their life. So why dont we give them that pleasure and make them happy for the day at least for having eaten that they never knew of !

What can happen is: 1) Those children may demand it from their parents and obviously their parents will not buy them bourbon..max may be glucose biscuits...not Silk but peppermints may be...have we struck wrong cord?
2) Does it instigate a child to desire..want something out of his reach and make them rebel OR depressed at his poverty state?
3) You may argue saying that since they will never get to experience this, you gave them this opportunity and gave them moment of joy. So because of above reason, should we deprive them of one time pleasure? What is wrong in it? You and I can think and understand One time pleasure....does the child has the capacity to understand that? You do this as you also derive pleasure in it and feel "Wow..I did something good for them" Have you really? Could you have done something else..which is more consistent perhaps??

So what does that mean? We don't give them chocolates, pastry at all?? What can you do here and how can you balance?

You may also say..."Madhavi...chad vichar karta...dont think so much :) " Well...this is not my thought alone...but a real experience I am putting forth. :)

Your Email account...

How many emails are in your Inbox...Read & Unread. How many folders do you have you in your email box ( Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail any account/s that you may be using)?

Based on your answers you will unveil some things not known to you :)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

What is in the name?

Dear Senoritas,

Do you know what does your name mean? Do you think there is any co-relation in why you as an individual get that particular name? :)

Monday, 11 August 2014



Notice the feather as a book mark...


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wreck your language....

Senoritas.....let us tease our grey cells a bit :) Can you list down 5 words (either in Konkani or Marathi) which you think are not in use now but it was and is part of our language. Let us see how much we think we know our language. And if someone on the group already knows it, then that word will be cut off.
For ex: Kurkut in Konkani is Niche in the wall...most of you may be knowing it but we do not use it in our daily conversation.....
Let us see who gets 5 such words !!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Narali Poornima....

Tomorrow 10th Aug is Raksha Bandhan and Narali Poornima. We all know what Raksha bandhan is all about. So here is little about Narali Poornima,

Coconut Day festival or Narali Purnima takes place in Maharasthra & Kerala. It is celebrated mostly by the fishing community who offer their prayers for their safety to the sun-god Varuna.
On the full moon day of Sravan is celebrated the Narli Purnima to appease the fury of the Sea-god. It also marks the end of monsoon, and is primarily observed by sailors, fishermen and others living in the coastal areas. They offer coconut to the sea on this occasion. A coconut has three eyes. It is said to represent Lord Shiva, the three eyed God. Coconut is considered to be an auspicious offering to Gods. A coconut is broken in front of the deities before taking up a new venture to seek blessings and on successful comlition for thanks giving. 

Narali Bhaat is the highlight of the day and it is one of my Dad's fav dish :) 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Which is the one movie that you love to watch over and again.

I think most of us are Bollywood movie buffs. We literally grow on them. There are some movies that we love to watch over and over again. There are some which are your favourites. Tell us which is yours and why ?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Repeat Moments....

Senoritas....can you share few of your fav moments with someone in the FAMILY (pls keep away Couple and Mother-Child moments)...something that brings cheer to you and you would definitely like to repeat those? :)  
(It can be with Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, In-Laws, Uncles, Aunties or CO-SISTERS like us ;) )

Monday, 4 August 2014


I love drinking filter coffee . 


I especially love drinking coffee when I come home from a hectic day out .




Mix Old and New

I love going through sites with lovely interior pictures.. thought I would share this with you..
This looks so good would look great with our GODHADIS made at home...

Saturday, 2 August 2014

What is your Emotional Quotient ?

How much do you allow your emotions to rule you ?

Many a times we think with our heart more than our head. Our emotions play an important part when we take decisions. Sometimes we take some decisions against our will so as not to hurt the opposite person. How good is that ? Should we think be selfish and think about us first or should we be selfless ?
Hi Senoritas 
As August has started our dear Senoras Madhavi and Reshma Bhabi will not be putting up any questions . I was always looking forward to at least read their interesting questions  though I  have not been a regular in answering them with the same eagerness.So thank you both for getting us out and making us think on different things and more importantly making us write them . 
Well now lets us all see in a year how much pages we fill with our musings.......

Friday, 1 August 2014

Naag Panchami....

Senoritas....since we spoke about holy Shravan month and various days followed in there, i thought of sharing with you the overview of things I have seen in my chidhood and my understanding of its significance.

Today is Naag Panchami, typically devoted to worship the snakes. Snake is also associated with Shiv and hence it is like worshiping him as well. People made snake idols from either sand or kanik or mud. Eventually it was replaced with print on paper. You do puja of this and naivedya is dudh and lhaaya. And yes ladies would put mehendi and fast :)

As you may be aware that there is mythological story for each day of Shravan. I do not recollect all but I do recollect few which my grandma would tell us. The story of Naag Panchami is as follows: A farmer had two sons and while sloughing in of whom killed three snakes. The mother of the snake took revenge on the same night by biting the farmer, his wife and two children and they all died. The farmer’s only daughter, survived as she was married off. So snake decides to kill her and her husband as well. When the snake reaches there, it observes that this girl was doing puja of Naag although she was grieved by the death of her parents and brothers, she pleaded before the mother snake with an offering of a bowl of milk and requested for forgiveness. The snake was mellowed by this and turned into garland of flowers in the puja kalash.

Scientifically if you ask me, during these rainy days since water get seeped into earth, snakes have to come out of their holes and hence we would see them in abundance. With the fear of they attacking human, perhaps it was thought that humans could worship them. And technically if any snake did bite human, then it was adjudged that, that person might have done something wrong in life!! Sigh :)

And quick reference to Shravan Somwar- I will mention the story separately but every Somwar has Shiva mooth. Last Monday it was Rice. Coming Monday it is Til. You can refer to Kalnirnay for this info.