Sunday, 6 July 2014

Tossing a coin...

When you are in that situation where you are unable to decide between choices, we remember our age old "toss the coin" concept. But do you know, the real way to know the answer?
So U decide one option as Heads and other as Tails -- but before you have even tossed your coin your subconscious mind has made a decision:) Want to know why?

1) Typically what you choose as "Heads" is your mind's first inclination and
2) When you are about to toss, a thought passes your mind hoping or wishing the option, very subtly...

and that my friends is the correct choice :)

For ex: if your choice is between a) staying home OR b) going out, and you are inclined to stay home you will mostly choose Staying home as HEADS and just before u toss you will unknowingly wish, hope it is Heads or hope it says stay home :) :)

Try it out!!

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